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Experiened Divemaster wants work in Palau

on Sep 8, 2017

Hey there, I recently came across your listing on google regarding the Divemaster wanted, I was hoping if you could patch me up with Alan and I could take it forward from there. I am a very enthusiastic and a passionateĀ  active Dive Master with about 2 seasons of experience in the Andaman Islands located in India at the finest 5 star PADI’s IDC Centre called...

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on Jan 23, 2013

These questions been asked recently, hopefully can help other candidates: [IDC Candidate 1] Hi there. i am 25 years of age.. i live inĀ  South Africa… i and very interested in doing a diving instructors development course… iv been looking into courses that are done here in South Africa but also looking at doing overseas rather. what i would like to know...

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Palau Divemaster wanted

on Dec 15, 2012

Received the request below – if you can help drop us an email and we will put you in touch with Alan. Hi l am shortly going into partnership in a small resort in Palau on the island of Peleliu. the present owner is Palauan and l am an Aussie. We intend to start a dive shop purchase a boat and do diving around the rock islands, we will need a PADI Dive master...

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Divemaster opportunites

on Sep 3, 2012

Just found these Divemaster applications from my previous Dive Centre in Phuket, getting work as a Divemaster in a tropical / holiday resort is very hard unless you are a local as: Divemasters are traditionally not well paid compared with Instructors There is an excess of Divemasters Instructors are more flexible and there are an excess of them! Sometimes a dive...

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Need DM Answer Keys?

on Aug 23, 2012

Then I hope you dont want it to make your exam passing easier, as the following exchange demonstrates. [Potential Instructor] Looking for an answer key for DM exam 71310 rev 10/10 version 3 [IDC Guide] Answer keys are not available, and asking for them could considered cheating if you want them to try to pass a DM exam, but if you purchase the DM / IDC Revision DVD...

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What Questions do you have before your PADI IDC?

on Aug 8, 2012

The answer to the above is you have lots, here is a selection of example questions and some guide answers from IDC Guide that covers divers wanting to learn in Phuket in Thailand. This location has only been used as its one we have a better personal experience of. If you are a dive centre / Course Directory you can use these sample replies to similar queries that...

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