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These questions been asked recently, hopefully can help other candidates: [IDC Candidate 1] Hi there. i am 25 years of age.. i live in  South Africa… i and very interested in doing a diving instructors development course… iv been looking into courses that are done here in South Africa but also looking at doing overseas

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Divemaster opportunites

Just found these Divemaster applications from my previous Dive Centre in Phuket, getting work as a Divemaster in a tropical / holiday resort is very hard unless you are a local as: Divemasters are traditionally not well paid compared with Instructors There is an excess of Divemasters Instructors are more flexible and there are an

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Need DM Answer Keys?

Then I hope you dont want it to make your exam passing easier, as the following exchange demonstrates. [Potential Instructor] Looking for an answer key for DM exam 71310 rev 10/10 version 3 [IDC Guide] Answer keys are not available, and asking for them could considered cheating if you want them to try to pass

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