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These questions been asked recently, hopefully can help other candidates:

[IDC Candidate 1] Hi there. i am 25 years of age.. i live in  South Africa… i and very interested in doing a diving instructors development course… iv been looking into courses that are done here in South Africa but also looking at doing overseas rather.

what i would like to know is.. while doing one of the PADI courses or internships will i be working at the dive centre at the same time earning a small sallary or am i required to pay full funds for the course and still have to earn a wage myself? Also is accomidation provided or is that also need to be my responsability.

Im very interested in either doing the course in the Middle East (Dubai) or in England… please any help with information and advice is appreciated… thank you

[IDC Guide] There is no correct ‘answer’ to your question but its very rare for a dive centre to pay you while on an internship, its more common to pay the dive centre a reduced cost for your courses if you are working there, remember you will probably need a work permit to collect a salary and that is becoming harder to get in some places.

I will forward you to our UK and Dubai Course Directors for their course details

[IDC Candidate 2] This is for my son who finished school at the end of 2012. Certify as a Padi DM and assistant instructor in 2012. He is book to do his skipper course in Sodwana (South African waters) in February. There after he must complete his Padi Instructor certification. I want him to see the world during his gap year or two.

I will discuss it with the course directors that contact me, but can you put me in contact with any placement agency’s in the diving industry?

[IDC Guide] Placement agencies I dont think they really exist, once your son is qualified he can look at the padi website for vacancies / job opportunities, alternatively he can do himself a favour by doing well on his IDC and if he ‘fits in’ and makes it clear he wants to work after his IDC there may be openings for him if the resort / location is busy enough

[IDC Candidate 3] Hi, I am a padi divemaster from pakistan. I want to do my idc in Thailand. My problem is i want to go thailand on student visa for one year so i can work there after my idc. For this reason i want help from course director because he can easily send letter to embassy regarding my diving study with them for 1 year. Plz help me to find idc center who can help me with my idc and visa

[IDC Guide] Ok will put you in touch with a course director in Phuket / Thailand.

[IDC Candidate 4] I have been working as a boat captain for a diveshop and have been assisting in ow classroom certification classes but not as an instructor since 2001. I have been keeping up with PADI updates . what can i do to get myself back into teaching status? I got certified as a PADI nitrox & OWSI. can you please help me find the best way for me to get into teaching status once again. Please take in consideration my country location . my OWSI # is [removed]. Thank you

[IDC Guide] Get in touch with your Local PADI office

[IDC Candidate 5] I am a divemaster looking to become an instructor. I will be in Mexico at the start of 2013.  Do you have any courses scheduled for the start of 2013? What is the full cost incurred including relevant padi material. As I am currently travelling I have left my gear in Borneo, do you offer rental equipment during training? So I will shortly be a PADI divemaster in vallarta adventures in Mexico looking forward to start my IDC so any help appreciated. Do you offer any form of internship? Thanks in advance

[IDC Guide] Will put you in touch with the PADI IDC in Mexico

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