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Divemaster job application – no chance

on May 28, 2012

Another day and another application for a Divemaster position crosses our desk, the possibility to get employment at a desirable / hot / tropical dive centre location when you don’t know the owner by an email application is very close to 0%. To give yourself at least a small chance of employment you need to be an OWSI (Instructor) and even then there is lots...

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Italian Divemaster wanting dive job in Thailand

on May 7, 2012

If you want the full CV as you think you can offer this Divemaster a postition please email us: An Italian PADI Dive Master¬† with Wreck and Nitrox specialities. I’m looking for a Divemaster job in Thailand. I have recently finished my Divemaster internship in Aqua-One watersports Diving centre located in Nai Yang beach, Phuket. I spent three months there and I...

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Divemaster question on IDC

on Feb 13, 2012

[IDC Student] My PADI Divemaster membership just ended a few days before my IDC course. Do  have to pay for my Divemaster renewal if I pay for my instructor fees for 2012? [Ulf from IDC Guide] No! The renewal will be done together with the instructor application Рif the membership ends within a few days or weeks prior to the PADI IDC

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Great Divemaster introduction

on Oct 11, 2011

Received this information about a Divemaster wanting work, it can be used as an example of a really nice, polite introduction for PADI Divemasters that are looking for diving positions: I have completed my Divemaster internship course this year at Perhentian Islands, Malaysia, where I still work as a Divemaster until the present date. Working as Divemaster, while...

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IDC Guide is now 2 years old

on Aug 12, 2011

The site has grown to be the number one resource for the PADI Divemaster and PADI IDC and has been recognised by some of the worlds leading Course Directors who have updated and improved the website and dive theory notes. The search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) also recognise that this website is a good resource and have now rewarded it with high rankings for...

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Equipment Exchange on DM Course

on Dec 14, 2010

The Equipment Exchange exercise on the DM course allows candidates to plan ahead and lets them see if they can solve problems creatively as they arise, as this is an exercise that is designed to see how you cope with unanticipated problems underwater by exchanging all scuba equipment (apart from websuit / weights). If done in a relaxed and calm manner after a period...

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