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The fact that you are looking at this page indicates that the answer to the above is a big ‘Yes’, its important that you take the time to choose the start of your new life carefully. If you have a love of diving and want to share that love by giving others the opportunity to experience it along with the idea that you can either change your career and teach scuba diving full time, or maybe you you just want to teach part time or even if you just want to prove to yourself that you can make the grade as a PADI professional, then you have made the right choice in choosing us to help you achieve your goal.

It is clear now that its your wish to become a PADI Scuba Instructor? Congratulations! You have a interesting and exciting future ahead It is our passion and our goal to guide you into this future and to offer you the best possible education. This will enable you to have the best possible chances to find a good job and to make a career as a Dive Professional.

Within this PADI IDC guide website and within the websites of our PADI Course Directors you will find everything about the instructor level programs they offer, about the schedules, prerequisites, prices and about whats required of you. When you first start telling people about your desire to become a PADI Instructor and perhaps to change your life you will be amazed how positive people are and how much encouragement they give you, we know as we were once in your situation. The people you tell about your idea know that you have got what it takes, to have the heart and desire to stop what you don’t love doing and begin a new way of life, it maybe true that some of them are just a little big jealous of you also, that’s just human nature. Of course you may have a question that we haven’t fully answered, within these ‘go pro / idc’ pages, if that’s the case contact us via email or call the Course Directors Directly, go to the home page for links to our Course Directors information pages and their websites and contact details.

But why should you do your IDC with the Course Directors on this guide as there are so many throughout the world? Well, its simple they offer you the very best training facilities including custom built training pools as well as on site accommodation and modern air conditioned classrooms equipped with the latest presentation tools to allow yourself the flexibility needed during your IDC.

The classrooms all have free wireless internet. Their IDC groups are limited to 5 candidates per Course Director or Master / Staff instructor So they can guarantee that you will be treated as an individual and will care for your specific needs. You will get a up-to-date education as our Course Directors remain up-to-date with the latest industry trends, standards and procedures.

Very importantly all of their IDC staff also works as “normal” instructors and never loose the contact with the ‘real’ world of diving and the dive business. You will benefit enormously from this experience and level of knowledge.

In all the PADI 5 Star IDC Centres you will find everything you need – equipment, PADI Material, tools, dive maps etc. They are all located near good, restaurants and your accommodation is only a short walk away. You will only truly appreciate this convenience once you are in resort doing your PADI IDC working hard on your IDC Exam questions. Take this big step, its only you wont regret.

It is possibly important to you that you can easily travel to your new work location, if you know you wont want to be travelling onwards or back home or have people come out to meet you and stay with you then a remote island may be appropriate but if you want people to come and have a holiday in your resort then Australia, Thailand, Caribbean or Bali may be the right choice for you

If you are on a tight budget then you may want to do your IDC in a developing country / resort like Thailand or Bali. In general the cost of the IDC and living / working expenses are more expensive in established resorts / countries such as Florida and Australia.

Future Career
You can do your PADI IDC at any PADI 5 Star IDC / CDC in the whole world but if you intend to seek work in the future its highly appropriate to do your IDC in a resort that has a steady stream of divers / students wanting to learn to dive or just have fun dives.

How to establish yourself and your dive center

  1. Market yourself with posters around hotels in resort, use this as an example learn to scuba dive poster
  2. Perhaps you can buy a dive center and take advantage of an established business and existing divers / customers?
  3. If you are a PADI IDC then get yourself added to some authority diving sites like erm 🙂
  4. Your website is the most important tool you have, ensure its up-to-date and add to it often.
  5. Agree to work for others when you have less work.
  6. Market your dive trips via the web, email, social media or in resort, example dive trip itinerary
  7. Keep your students and divers email addresses to send them email Newsletters about your upcoming dive trips and courses.
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