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Jean Jacops – USA

I am writing to tell you I have all three of the diving DVD’s you are selling and each one just gets better. Whoever is doing this filming is wonderful at it and the scenes for the most part are so clear. My husband & I are divers and when I watch your movie, I feel like I’m in there with the fishes!!! We live in the states and have not have the opportunity to dive in the areas you are filming, so we’re seeing these thru you. I especially liked the part on the Red Sea movie where you’re filming the motorcycles and trucks. The reefs are so beautiful there and there are lots of different types of fish from what we have in the Caribbean.

I just purchased a DVD camcorder and marine case and am patiently (more like un-patiently) waiting for them to arrive. I hope I can make the kind of movies you do and then maybe I can send you something from this side of the world, if you have not already seen it. Thank you so much for making them available to us. We really enjoy them.

Lance Hicks – United Kingdom –  OWSI

Hi IDC Guide, a big thank you for the PADI IDC Revision DVD, it simplified the most complex part of physics which dare I say it failed twice + makeups, after studying over and over again  in a short space of time I understood Boyles, Charles, Dalton, Henry and my good friend Archimedes Laws and Principles.

And Saturday 20th Feb I managed to PASS the written exams  (in water and presentations passed in October),  So once again many thanks.

Rami Oved – Niue Island

It will be great if you can email me all the main documents. I really enjoyed reading all the material on your website, and all the hard work you have put in to help others. I used to be a PADI instructor, but havent been teaching for 8 years. Now setting up a dive operation on Niue island, so will have to go through the IDC & IE again. Michael Wheatley from Australia (interviewed on your website) is coming especially to Niue to take me through the IDC.

Just like to say thanks for all the help & pointers your IDC revision pack gave me. I passed my IE on Bali (at the first attempt) yesterday. Couldn’t have done it without the revision pack.

Ian Walters – Singapore

Hi there, just wanted to let you guys know that i am doing my IDC in November, and your website has helped me SO SO much with my studies!!! the way you guys have put everything together, especially physics (i used to suck), i actually love opening my workbook and flipping to the physics of diving chapter!! Thanks again!!!! you guys ROCK!!!!

padi idc ie certificate 150x150 1

Thank you for your quick reply  and appreciate your care , I actually was impressed about the idea of your website and idc revision and am willing to use while am teaching my IDCs and theory for DMs as am a PADI CD and working as Part time Job in DUBAI with a Dive Center. Thank  you in advance.

Imad – PADI Course Director

Thanks again for all your help. Have been on your website ALL day….and cant get enough! especially the videos of the skill circuit! very helpfull!

Amr Elkhashab – United Arab Erimates

I wanted to thank you so much for your great summary, I used it during my IDC course and know I am a PADI OWSI and still from time to time I am refreshing my acknowledgment by using you summary.
really once again thank you so much for your efforts.

Ally Stead from South Africa 

Thanks, I passed this Sunday. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!  🙂

Jenny Tsai from Thailand

The IDC notes and the DVD that you send are great I think what you have done is great and we have a couple of DM courses starting soon as well as an IDC in March so will recommend you to these guys too.

Just got the DVD, thanks very much. Just watched the videos & they are superb – need to do my digi vid spec !!

Fraser Hay from England

Second time lucky for me, i lost the first lot of stuff i bought off you 1.5 years ago, this time i am serious and keen to get my instructors cert.  i have my DM already thanks partly to your notes. Can you recommend some IDC courses in Asia pacific?

Greg Wilmott from Australia

I receive some emails from some of the other PADI Course Directors as you stated. Unfortunately, i was unable to view these as the didn’t make it past my spam filter. I would be very interested in any info from both yourself and the other PADI Course Directors you mention, with all information regarding all the training offered. This coming year i will be seriously considering furthering my training to professional level and I would welcome all the options you could make known to me. I would be grateful if you could pass on my email address to your colleagues,   This is my personal email address which i am currently using now and i will be able to receive any mail you or the other course directors may send along with training schedules for the year ahead.

Thank you for the previous PADI IDC guide and for any time it takes you to help me with my current request. I look forward to hearing from you and the other PADI Course Directors soon.

David Doyle from Ireland

Thank you very much for a very impressive educational pack about the PADI IDC.  I’m happy to be your first customer in Japan; however, I’m not Japanese…I just speak it.  Anyway, I’m a PADI MSDT and I’ve been teaching for about six years.  I’ve taught in the USA, the Philippines, Viet Nam, Thailand and Malaysia.  I’m starting a diving business here in Japan and I liked your presentation and design of the materials.  I want to compare what I have with what you have…and make a Japanese version.

I assume it is okay to your pictures in my presentation, right?  I have no intention of ‘stealing’ your hard work.  I just want to be a better teacher for my students. I do also have a few English-speaking Divemaster students now who will be looking at places to do their IDC, so please keep me posted so I can send business your way! I’m pretty well-connected in the Philippines, but I’m always looking to expand….

If there is any way I can be of service to you in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Reins PADI MSDT – Japan

Just a quick line to say thank you for the revision guide, i bought this originally about 18 months ago when i was going to Utila to do DM/IDC with Andy Philipps….

it has been a valuable tool and will be doing my Staff instructor in November here in Cyprus, Jurg Dahler  is The course director i have worked for since returning from UDC so i chose to do MY IDC Staff Instructor Course with him…

i thought i should have the new version as things have changed, look forward to receiving the DVD and then begininning the studies again !!! Once again Thank you

Angela  – Cyprus

Thank you for sending this over, looking forward to get the DVD as well, I am currently doing my DM and starting to plan for the IDC hopefully first half of next year, been going through some of the material at the IDC-guide page and the PDF you’ve sent

and can just say that this is such a great help for a thickhead like myself.

Christer Svensson – Dubai

I initially asked you will this help with my Dive master here in the United States. My plan is to get my dive master done by February and then this summer work on my instructors. I have been diving for little over 30 years and want to retire and teach part time. You are correct this DVD is very useful and helped me pass my PADI IDC and then the IE.

Christian Franks – USA

Thanks for the DVD, it looks great and exactly what I am looking for am looking forward to start revising soon. I am actually looking for an IDC center for next year. I did my DM last year and in the meanwhile starting the IDC, want to read some diving stuff. I’d like to go in South America, heard some good things about Columbia and wish to learn Spanish as well but couldn’t get anything on Internet, if there are IDC Centers or not. I am as well interested by Asia. If you can send me some information about it, it would be great, I will really appreciate it.

By the way, I’d like to precise I am not really keen on in party or overcrowded places, more into chillaxed and quiet sound better…For the dates, I’ll be available only since March-April next year, still stuck in the meddle Africa for a while… Anyway, keep me updated with any good tips you might want to share.

Gloria – Switzerland

Hi – I am surprised that despite not only paying you immediately and also leaving very positive feedback I have, to date received no feedback from you. Surprised –  as I bought from a professional, well versed in the Marketing and Customer Support methodologies based upon PADI doctrine but result…. Silence no feedback… Why the lack of a positive response? [delicious webdesign] sorry we only do feedback every two weeks – we have now left positive feedback – good luck Simon

Simon – England

I am planning to go to Rotan in 3 weeks and looking for a place to do my IDC. I am finishing up my divemaster by next week. So I was looking to start my Instructor course sometime in May or June. I was looking in Rotan or maybe Hawaii on Oahu. If you know of anyone in these two areas please let me know.

reply from idc guide- no we have a Florida Course Director that is currently coming onto the guide but no one in Rotan or Hawaii on Oahu but will pass your email address onto the current Course Directors and see if any of their courses interest you.

Thanks. I got a few responses back already. I will contact them later this week as I am taking my final test for my DM on Friday. Lots to take in for sure since my last rescue diver course was in 1987 and things have really changed. I did get advance books and new rescue books to brush up on everything and just need to do my CPR and I will be just about done with 3 more things to do in the open water I will do in Rotan in a few weeks and then get ready for my IDS classes in a few months. Get my books and start looking them over. The Utila Dive center looks like a real good one to go to.

Andy – UK

I ordered the DVD version of the IDC Guide last june (as seen in below email). It seems that i have not received the Physical DVD until now. Can you please confirm whether you made the delivery yet? (you did send me the revision in pdf format through email).I just noticed that now i’m preparing to take my IDC in Bali Indonesia next week. If by accident you missed the delivery, is there any link on which i can download all the material contained in the DVD? It will be a lot faster than Deliver the DVD to me in Indonesia.

IDC Guide – We can confirm it was sent to you but as its obviously been lost in the post I am happy to send you all the documents on dvd via email and will do so in three emails starting with this one

Samuel – Jakarta, Indonesia

hello, I.m 36 years old. Am I getting too old to make a career change and do my IDC? At my age, can I find a scuba instructor job and make a decent living for my family?(wife and 2 childs) or do only young instructors get hired?

Answer – No, age is no barrier to entry and progress in the dive industry, I personally was the same age as you when I ran a dive centre in Phuket, its about the person not the age.

Kevin – Canada

Is this official PADI material. I’ve already bought PADI’s Guide to Teaching (is this the same thing?)

Answer – Its not an ‘official’ PADI document but its written by a PADI Staff Instructor and updated by all the PADI Course Directors within this IDC Guide organisation, if in any doubt look at the feedback that has been obtained on this very valuable product that will hopefully help you pass the courses easier and become a better Instructors.

Nathan – Phuket, Thailand

No need to request Course Director’s to contact me. I am also a Staff Instructor and infact know a couple of your CD’s on file. I am just buying your product for my own interest. I have looked at your website in the past. However, I will be happy to pass it on to my students after I have looked through it.

So, yes, please do send me the email for the payment request (payment request to make this step easier for me) that will allow me to buy the updated Deluxe PADI IDC DVD. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Dom – Manchester, England

Thank your for this excellent material and the update on the dispatch. I plan to be in England (London area) after August and attend IDC training there. I am still obtaining the Divemaster certification that will happen in July (here in Brazil). I am open to offers for IDC training in the UK.

Fernando – Brazil

This is to let you know that I just got the DVDs here in Brazil (amazingly fast delivery!). I now plan to follow up with you as soon as I am in the UK.

Hans – Netherlands

Just received my DVD with all the IDC-stuff. Unfortunately there are some folders which I vannot see the images. I’ve tried to view them with Photoshop Elements 10, Windows Viewer, IrfanView and all programms give the same result. They can’t read the Files!!!!!! So something happened when saving this jpeg’s during saving and the  files are corrupted I think. Have you ever had these complaints before? And do you have a solutution? Below you’ll find some of the warnings I get when trying to open the files. Hope to hear from you soon.

[IDC Guide] Thanks for email, never had this error reported before and have looked at the images on the disk and they open perfectly, this is very strange and I don’t know what to suggest as the disks are all identical – can you check the disk on another pc / laptop?

I’ve tried another pc and you’re right. Nothing wrong with the disk. Sorry to have bothered you. Must me something wrong with the player in my laptop. Thanks for pointing out to use another machine.

Denver – Kingdom Saudi Arabia

I personally thank you for offering me those PADI Course Directors, presently I am doing my PADI IDC here in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. I saw your DVD advertisement regarding the updates and revisions so I got interested to order it which I know it will help me a lot to pass the IDC this coming august 2013 to be held here in jeddah saudi arabia. To make my story short, I will contact you later once I finished my current IDC for continuous education, by that time I need those PADI Course Directors to be contacted  and communicate what can they offer me on specialty instructor and so on.

Craig – Australia
Hi James,
Just completed IDC and IE in Bali.
I found the information on the disc invaluable,fantastic.

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