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Experiened Divemaster wants work in Palau

Hey there, I recently came across your listing on google regarding the Divemaster wanted, I was hoping if you could patch me up with Alan and I could take it forward from there.

I am a very enthusiastic and a passionate  active Dive Master with about 2 seasons of experience in the Andaman Islands located in India at the finest 5 star PADI’s IDC Centre called Barefoot Scuba. I have over 900+ logged dives and my own set of SCUBA equipment including a computer+compass. I also have my own insurance including 40 students every year that are insured with Divers Alert Network.

I have been a key employee with handling guests, both on the boat and during the rest of the excursion. I do posses great knowledge of how to handle the day to day tasks of a busy dive center in an orderly fashion, apart from leading dives and excursions, I also have excellent relations with my guests, in the water and out of the water. I believe quality over quantity and hence have an immacluate safety record.

I tend to work with people in a friendly fashion yet never compromising on the quality of service given to the guests. I am also qualified as a SCUBA technician and can make sure the gear we run is up to date and periodically maintained.

The recent boat laws in India have been re-molded and now we are facing serious trouble with taking guests on our boats to our dive sites and other excursions hence hampering our jobs for the coming season. As a result, I am encapsulating this email and I do look forward to be working with you for the coming soon.

I am very comfortable spending long days on the boats and have a fairly good knowledge about the marine life and ecosystem. I am also very keen on doing other outdoor activities and can primarily work in any given conditions.

Would be great to hear from you soon

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