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This is the best resource to help you with Dive theory  (Physics, Physiology,  Equipment, RDP and General Skills & Environment  as well as the PADI IDC and IE Dive Exam questions and answers.

Discover dive theory, practical insights, and valuable resources including mock / practise IDC and IE exams to become a better, safer Scuba Dive Instructor. Unlock your potential and thrive in your PADI IDC and IE exams and your new career.

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PADI IDC & IE Revision
Exams and Documents


We want you to be the very best and safest PADI Scuba Dive Instructor you can be, but what can this website do for you?

The simple answer is that it can do a lot for you, if you want help passing your PADI Divemaster or PADI Instructor (OWSI) courses and exams, including the PADI IDC and IE we have revision packs that include past and mock dive theory and standards exam papers, to, fully prepare you.

If you are a PADI Scuba Diver or a diver from another agency that is at the grade of Divemaster, Assistant Instructor or Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) this website can point you in the direction of some of the best, most experienced and Professional PADI Platinum Course Directors in the world. These are experienced Dive Instructor Trainers who are at the highest level of the PADI system and will help you become the best Instructor you can be when they take you on your PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC).

IDC Exam Revision

Your journey to your Instructor Development Course (IDC) and subsequent PADI Instructor Examination (IE) will become easier if you study our dive theory sections and buy the corresponding IDC revision Exams and Documents

The revision packs gives you all the dive theory and sample exam questions and answers you will need to help you progress through your PADI IDC and IE easily, making you a better and safer Instructor. But remember there is no short cuts you must learn your dive theory until you are confident enough to teach it to students.


Take a look at where you could take your PADI IDC as you can see from the course photos you can take your course in some of the best and most luxurious locations for a PADI IDC anywhere in the world.

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Dive Into deep

Our 5 Star PADI CDC /IDC Centres

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United Kingdom

Our recommended PADI Course Director is very highly regarded within the diving industry. His knowledge goes far beyond diving and he shares...

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If you decide to do your PADI IDC in Europe, you have a choice from our Course Directors listed here.

ie cfw march 2018

Central America / Carribean

Should you do it in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Bonaire, United States Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands including Grand Cayman, St Maarten, Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire, Costa Rica or Mexico?...

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South East Asia

Now thats a tough choice, if you choose from our Course Directors above you can be assured of a very experienced...

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Become an effective and popular instructor by taking your IDC in Egypt. PADI Platinum Course Director is...

unwinding on one of your free dives


Byron Bay in New South Wales or Brisbane in Queensland, what a great decision to have, you have found this page as you are considering doing your PADI IDC in Australia, you would love either location and you will have the best diving of your life in Australia...

middle east 01

Middle East

Take your PADI IDC in Dubai, in the UAE with Pavillion Dive Centre with PADI Course Director Phil O’Shea...

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South Africa

Doing your Instructor Development where you can see the Big Five Above and Below! Africa will enthral you with its beauty and insane variety of diving! You can experience kelp diving with seals...

Why Choose IDC Guide


Expert Guidance

Gain access to experienced instructors who provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout your IDC and IE exams, ensuring you are well-prepared and confident in your knowledge and skills.


Extensive Resources

Access a wealth of resources, including study materials, past / mock / practice exams, and interactive learning tools, to enhance your understanding of dive theory and effectively prepare for your IDC and IE exams.


Successful Results

Join a proven track record of successful candidates who have used the IDC Guide’s exam and courses to excel in their PADI IDC and IE exams, increasing their chances of becoming accomplished and respected scuba diving instructors.


Explore the gallery page and witness the wonders of marine life, stunning dive locations, and unforgettable moments captured by divers from around the globe, igniting your passion for the underwater realm.

PADI IDC in Australia - Case practise in OW
2018 march cfw briefing
mask removal idc march 2018
march 2018 ie
successfull candidates 2018 march ie
confined water assesment at ie
rigging a lift bag idc september
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Course Directors

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