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PADI IDC & IE Revision Documents and Mock Exams

New and Updated PADI IDC Revision Documents and Mock Exams

You really need these revision documents packages if…

  • idc-pack-29You want to understand dive theory.
  • You want to practise by taking Mock Exams
  • You want to do pass your your DM / IDC exams.
  • You need to brush up on your dive knowledge.
  • You want to be an outstanding instructor.
  • You want to be prepared for your PADI IDC
  • You want to easily pass your PADI IE
  • You want to see how the dive skills are demonstrated perfectly

Special Offer / Bonus
If all 3 items are purchased together then
two BRAND NEW 2019 PADI Dive Theory and PADI Standards Mock Exams
(120 questions with answers) will be sent via email with other documents

Master PADI IDC Guide Revision Documents

Comprehensive Collection of 25 Documents on DVD (sent via email / download) Cost $25 (approx £19)

The most complete collection of PADI IDC revision documents, This is all you need to give you an advantage in your IDC courses and exams on your IE so dont delay, improve your chances of a first time pass on your PADI IDC and IE.

8 PADI IDC Exams (Dive Standards & Theory)

Really great revision to see the type of exam and exam questions you will be getting –  $99 (approx £75)

You will get 8 Exams with over 480 questions and answers, 4 Dive Standards and 4 Dive Theory Exams, that I know will come in very handy for your revision and help you get to grips with PADI’s courses and exams. The Dive theory covered by these Mock / Sample Exams are

  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Equipment
  • General Skills & Environment
  • RDP

Exactly the same as  you will sit in the real PADI IE and IDC Exams.

PADI IDC Guide Revision Documents

The Main 2 Master Revision Documents Cost $12 (approx £9.50)

The two master revision documents used thousands of times over the years by thousands of PADI IDC students. This is all you need to give you an advantage in your IDC courses and exams on your IE so dont delay, improve your chances of a first time pass on your PADI IDC and IE.If you want the PADI IDC revision main documents (two documents that contain all the most vital information)

Including:Two Different Master PADI IDC Revision documents (one is 70 pages the other is 90 pages)
Instant Delivery (within a few hours max)
Delivery via email of two pdf documents (160 pages of revision information).

This really will Help you pass your PADI IDC & IE.

Master PADI Revision Documents

This package does NOT:

  • Give you the answers to the exams (it gives you example questions and answers)
  • Tell you how to pass the IDC (but it gives you the tools to make it easy)
  • Make sure you pass the PADI IDC (but its been a valuable took to may that have passed the PADI IDC and the PADI IE in the past)

If you think you can benefit from this PADI IDC Revision pack on DVD then we are sure that these notes / revision guides will help you become a safer, more knowledgeable diver which will ensure you have the best chance to enjoy and breeze through your IDC, giving you the best opportunities at employment when you are a PADI Divemaster / Instructor.Buy this DVD to give yourself the very best chance of enjoying and passing the PADI IDC and IE

You will receive the main PADI –  IDC Instructor / DM Divemaster  Exam / Course Revision Guide (now on version v4.0 Updated November 2010)

You will also receive

  • Many Documents of Course Notes for the PADI Courses:
  • Open Water
  • Rescue Diver
  • Dive Master


  • An hour and a half of skills videos – demonstrated by a PADI Platinum Course Director
  • 3300 professional Scuba Pictures
  • 2 Movies of Diving in Similans
  • 3 Movies of Phuket (Thailand) Marine life
  • Sample Scuba Instructor CVs and Letters, for when you pass and want to find work teaching diving.
  • Dive site maps
  • Example Dive Instructor CVs and covering letters
  • Lesson Plan Guides

The movies Include  Whale Sharks and Manta Rays in Phuket and the Similans.

Your DVD Package

  • Main IDC Revision document that is over 70 pages long
  • Skills Videos
  • 3300+ Professional Photographs taken in the Similans / Phuket / Myanmar / Australia
  • 5 Movies of underwater marine life including Manta Rays and Whale Sharks!
  • 225 Maps and Images from the Dive sites of Thailand (Includes the Similans)
  • 44 world class pictures of the Similan and Surin Islands
  • Categorized Marine Life – 76 folders of named species including Sharks, Mantas, Corals, Dolphins, Crabs, Urchins etc
  • Extra PADI Course Documents from Recreational and Professional courses.
  • Rescue Diver – Knowledge Review Sample Questions, Example Rescue Scenario – with Knowledge review Help
  • Dive Master (DM)- Decompression Sickness Review written and reviewed by a Dive Doctor / Recompression Chamber Doctors
  • Dive Planning Example Document, 5 Point Safety Checks,  Sample Dive Master Knowledge Review Questions and Answers,
  • Many example PADI IDC & IE Questions and Answers for your PADI courses and Exams.
  • Instructor (IDC) – Sample Questions and Answers for General Dive Safety and Knowledge review,
  • Scuba Acronyms (over 300 related Dive terms that you should know so in future when you hear he got DCS while wearing a FFM due to > PP02 diving from his RIB you will know what they are saying :),
  • Alternative Review Notes , Lesson Planning Guides and more !

This comprehensive  Revision / Exam guide is now over 70 pages and is the result of many months work, creating a unique document by bringing together a variety of my fellow PADI professional’s ideas and information that they use to help their students learn from to allow them to study and prepare for Divemaster exams or Instructor Exams which are taken on the Assistant Instructor Course (AI) and the Open Water Scuba Instructor course (OWSI) which are both  part of the IDC (instructor Development Course) as well as the Staff Instructor Course (IDCS) These notes have been reviewed by a Course Director / Master Instructor and a Staff Instructor and have helped many students attain 100% pass marks in their Theory and Practical exams.

These notes were originally written and distributed to my DM / IDC candidates and over the years and through many DM / IDC courses they have been added to, corrected, amended and perfected so you can now take delivery of a polished / finished product which will make your learning curve much easier when you tackle your PADI exams / classes. Learn these notes and you will become a more mature / safer and more comfortable diver – Dive Safe / Have Fun / Enjoy the Marine Environment.

This is the new updated Disk for 2019, it doesnt include any PADI owned images, materials or documents. No copywrited material is included.

You can view all the documents, videos, photos and diagrams on your PC or laptop as this is a standard computer DVD disk that can be played on your home computer.

padi-idc-dvdReasons to buy this item

  • Unique and Comprehensive Document from years PADI training / education courses
  • The most complete set of revision notes available (includes colour diagrams and sample questions)
  • Authored by a PADI Staff Instructor at various PADI 5 Star IDC Centres and in the UK and Thailand
  • Discounts on your DM / IDC at one of three PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre in Thailand and the UK
  • The PADI instructors involved with these guides are all ‘Current’ and in ‘Teaching Status’
  • You have the most relevant and up to date information from the new curriculum
  • Email Support – I will gladly help explain anything that you have trouble grasping / understanding via email
  • Even more Support  – Free updates of the Revision Guide emailed to you immediately they are released
  • Over 70 Pages of bang up-to-date fantastic information
  • Categorised Marine life photos named by Family giving you knowledge of Marine life you will encounter on your dives.

These notes are not a quick fix to ‘get you through’ your PADI exams they are designed to be used as a pre-study tool in conjunction with other materials and when on your DM or IDC course you will find them a unique and central source of reference for anything you may be asked or need to know.

Remember you pay for your PADI course but you earn your Certification

PADI IDC Review Notes Topics include

What is in the Document ?

Dive Theory Notes on the Main PADI Exam Subjects

  • Diving Environment (learn why we have waves, currents and tides)
  • Dive Equipment (everything you want to know about BCDs, Tanks, Regulators etc)
  • Physics  (Air Consumption, The Gas Laws, Archimedes Principle (buoyancy basically)
  • Physiology – What happens to our bodies when we are under pressure – Learn All about our ears !
  • First Aid – Basic Diving First Aid (Marine Life injuries / Decompression Injuries (DCI) plus much more)
  • The Recreational Dive Planner (table review)

Confined Water Lesson Plan

Easy to follow and detailed outlines /examples of how to conduct perfect Confined Water sessions

Classroom / Knowledge Development Lesson Plans

1 x Example Lesson Plan Form (A ‘perfect’ example  ensuring that your lessons are delivered confidently and clearly)
2 x Lesson Plan Form – these are Blank (Allowing you to use these as a framework – print them off and use them)

Open Water Lesson Plan

Easy to follow and detailed outlines / examples of how to conduct perfect Open Water sessions

Rescue Scenario

An easy to follow /  detailed outline of how to perform a great rescue and how you can score top marks in your rescue scenario

Additional Web links and Example exam / revision questions

Sample exam questions  and links to extra resources for revision information

** NEW ** Recently added Open Water Revision Questions including Metric and Imperial questions

Other DVDs available including:

Egypt Scuba DVD Philippines Scuba DVD Thailand Scuba DVD