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Divemaster opportunites

Just found these Divemaster applications from my previous Dive Centre in Phuket, getting work as a Divemaster in a tropical / holiday resort is very hard unless you are a local as:

  • Divemasters are traditionally not well paid compared with Instructors
  • There is an excess of Divemasters
  • Instructors are more flexible and there are an excess of them!
  • Sometimes a dive centre ‘needs’ to employee local divemasters as part of work permit conditions
  • Divemaster pay normally doesn’t justify getting a work permit

Therefore we always recommend getting experience in your local country as a divemaster then doing your IDC before looking for work in tropical / vacation dive resorts:

Here are some  Divemaster work requests that invariably don’t get the response they desire:

1, I am a 25 year old man from England who is looking to work as a Divemaster in Thailand. Do you currently have any job openings for such a position? I have lived and worked in Thailand for the past 2 years. I have recently completed a Divemaster internship in the Philippines.

Along with the Philippines i have also dived in Australia, Thailand and Cambodia. I am now looking to work as a Divemaster in Thailand.  I am a good team member who enjoys working with friends and colleagues as part of a team. I am young, enthusiastic, reliable, physically fit and keen to learn.

2. I’m a British graduate (26 years old) and have lived in Kuala Lumpur for the majority of my life. I qualified as a PADI Divemaster in 2008 on Pulau Perhentian and enjoy diving in the region. I am currently pursuing a career as a marine biologist. However, as I will be taking up a new teaching post next year I plan to work as a Divemaster for the next few months. Do you need any extra Divemasters in your dive centre or know where I can get work? I have 2 years teaching experience and excellent people skills, and am available from the beginning of October.

3, I have completed my Divemaster internship course this year at Perhentian Islands, Malaysia, where I still work as a Divemaster until the present date. Working as Divemaster, while learning, gave me the pleasant opportunity to work with, deal with, and spend many wonderful hours with people of different levels and cultures. I am now looking for opportunities in other places to broaden my knowledge and experience and would like to send you my resume, as for me it would be a pleasure to work with you.

I’m an ever-learning person. Always happy, always smiling. I’m always there to help others. Although able to work individually, I am always well fitted in groups, which eventually turn to be like a family. I treasure the good moments, I forget what might seem bad. I love what I do, I love diving, I love the sea life, and I love to teach what I know. Showing people how beautiful, how delicate and strong at the same time is the underwater world, showing this nature to people, makes me proud. To see the shine on a persons eyes when dive for the first time. To see the big smile on people’s face when talking about that wonderful creature that we saw during the dive. To dive, and appreciate all living beings. It all makes me, who I am.

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