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PADI Dive Theory Revision for PADI IDC & IE

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Do you want to improve your chances or passing the PADI Divemaster and IDC Courses and Exams?
Of course you do, you have arrived at the right place, feel free to review the example exam questions and answers below and then review the whole site for video examples of the 20 Dive Skills that you will need to demonstrate.

Study the IDC and IE revision notes on these pages to help you prepare for the Divemaster and Instructor (IDC) exams and ultimately the PADI Instructor Examinations (IEs) These guides are also valuable for Master Scuba Diver Trainers (MSDT) for their Staff Instructor Course.

The sample tests contained in these documents are not the PADI exam question and answers you will get on your IDC and your IE but they are of a similar type.

If you can answer all the questions and explain why the wrong answers are not relevant then you are ready for your IDC course.

PADI IDC Dive Theory Revision

PADI IDC MEGA Revision Pack

The PADI IDC / Divemaster revision packs are available provides you with loads of valuable information on dive theory and many sample exam questions (12 Full Exams) and answers to give you a good idea what to expect in your forthcoming exams.

The very best underwater action from Egypt including One of Jacqueau Cousteau’s favorite wrecks The Thistlegorm and see the full array of the best that Egypt has to offer including Manta Rays and Whale sharks >> Egypt Scuba Diving and Marine Life

Experience the very best marine life and scuba diving from both Phuket’s local dive sites and the world class Similan Islands where you will experience some of the most amazing sights anywhere in the world >> Thailand’s Marine life and Scuba Diving

Be amazed by the macro marine life in the Philippines, featuring some of the rarest and most beautiful fish in the world, taken in and around the world class reefs of Anila’ >> Philippines Scuba Diving and Marine Life

Photo Galleries

Want to have a quick reminder why you want to spend a lot of your life diving ? Have a look at what you could be seeing every day in your new ‘office’ >> Marine Life Gallery

Dive Theory Revision – Extra ideas to help you pass

I recommend you review some of the material you have to buy for your DM and IDC courses as this will be invaluable for you as a tool to achieve mastery in the theory subjects above, I suggest completing the Diving Knowledge Workbook and if you are interested or want to know more about a subject then cross reference it in the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving.

You can also re-do the open water / rescue / divemaster quizzes and exams (you will need to get he exam pack as part of your IDC required materials pack) as a final check before you begin your course Complete the PADI Instructor Pre-assessment Exam in the PADI Guide to Teaching which has replaced the Instructor Candidate Workbook. Complete this exam on your own without reference so you can identify any weak areas that may need extra revision before the start of your course.

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If you are an enriched air diver (Nitrox) there is also an enriched air section that allows you to brush up on the theory if you did your course some time ago, its worth noting that most IDC schedules now let you include Enriched Air (or Enriched Air Instructor) courses within them, this is an invaluable extra as Enriched Air along with Digital Underwater Photography seem to be the most in demand specialties at the moment.

PADI Mock Exams

Buy the complete PADI IDC Mega Revision Packs that now include 12 practice mock exams, the exams include all the questions and answers you will need to pass your PADI IDC.

Please check and review your revision progress so far using these PADI Mock IDC Exams

PADI Dive Theory Exam B as well as PADI Dive Standards Exam B

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