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Here is a typical Student question with our ‘typical’ and full reply:

I was just wandering how much is a package for me who have never scuba dived before to become an instructor? I learn fast and I am seriously considering wanting to become a scuba diving instructor. Which package should i choose and how much would it come down to a total? and how many days would it take as total?

I do not know how much you know about PADI or diving so if some of the terminology is confusing, don’t worry, what it says on our PADI IDC website should explain it, but failing that just send me an e-mail and ask. I think it’s pretty straight forward myself, (but then I wrote it ) but if you find it confusing just e-mail me and I will explain it a little better.

Following is some info about the Career Development Options, see how they compare in cost and in experience … and of course what you are hoping to get out of it. To get the pricing benefits you would need to take all three Phases, although if you are restricted by time, you would not need to do them concurrently, although that is what most people do.

Please read through the following and see what you think, these prices INCLUDE all PADI fees, PADI materials etc which cost quite lot, but as these are included in what you are paying you should not really have any “hidden costs” … which I hate myself as a customer.

Accommodation is NOT included in any of the package pricing, although accommodation is cheap and easy to find near the dive centre, but I will mention something about that at the end.

We would then link to specific parts of our website for full and current IDC packages info.

More questions and answers:

Q -Right now I am in the middle of university studies and was thinking of taking a break for a year or two, and i always loved the ocean and the sea so since living in cold sweden i dont have the same opportunity as over there
A – No problem I understand completely – I used to dive in the UK but moved to Thailand in 2006 to escape the cold and to give me the opportunity to teach diving.

Q – There are some small questions which i just need some clarification on: just please answer them shortly and the rest we can solve once if/when I get there How much would it cost, a total package that you would recomend in euros?
A- The most comprehensive package, giving you the MOST for your money and making you the MOST employable would be the Professional levels of the Career Development program. You would also need to own your own complete set of scuba – which if you are going to buy a DECENT set which will last you, you should budget around 70,000 THB although if you went for the cheapest you could get that for ~40,000 THB (2007 prices)

Q – How long would it take all in all? about 3 months?
A – To enter the IDC and IE you must have been a certified diver for a minimum of 6 months – so I would either come prepared to stay 6 months, OR I would take your OW course as soon as you can – whether it is in Sweden or wherever – then if you were to arrive here as a certified diver then you would be looking at 3-4 months depending on a variety of factors.

Q –  Is there hotell included for the duration of the course? and if not, are there cheap hotels/hostels i can live on while doing my course? how much would a cheap hostel/hotell cost?
A – Within a few minutes’ walk of our dive center in Kata, you have basic rooms with a fan for 250 THB per night and aircon rooms from around 500-800 THB per night depending on the time of year, and of course they all offer weekly, fortnightly, monthly rates too.
If you are planning on staying on Phuket for a while then the cheapest thing to do is to rent a bungalow, room or apartment on a monthly basis. Prices range from about 150 – 250+ $USD per month depending on the amenities – aircon, TV, fridge, hot water, swimming pool etc …

There are plenty of choices within easy reach of any of the main dive centers like Scubacat or Sea Bees and The Palm Garden Resort these include Chalong, Rawai and Kata areas, they each have a slightly different atmosphere but are the more quiet and “laid back” parts of Phuket but are still within easy reach of a whole range of bars, restaurants, beaches, etc.

Food is VERY cheap compared to Western prices and the most part is excellent: if you’re eating in Thai restaurant / food stall then you are looking at around 1.50 $USD / dish / plate. Eating in a European style restaurant costs from about 4-6 $USD+ depending on what you’re eating: pasta dishes for example would be around 3 $USD whereas an imported steak would be around 15 $USD. Alcohol is relatively expensive compared to food, a bottle of beer in a bar would be from 1.5 $USD – 3 $USD, from the Supermarket 0.6 $USD etc.

Q I know that a scuba instructor job is not guaranteed, but i was thinking that if i really like it I would like to pursue it then i think and know that you either would have a place or you know places which would be in needing of assistance right? 😉

A – Every IDC Candidate that passes the IE has been employed in the dive industry in Thailand if they wanted it and they didnt get fired for drinking too much and being unreliable but dont forget you need a work permit.

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