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PADI IDC – Dive Center questions

Some Student questions:

Q – Could you tell if this instructor manual is the right one at the right price (after giving a link to the official padi instructor manual) This is from an Existing PADI Instructor.
A – Yes this is the correct instructor manual – price is cheaper than I can get it for – but remember if you are a renewed PADI member you can download it for free off the PADI Pros section of the PADI website

Q – Is this the correct PADI IDC crewpack (after giving correct and current example)
A – These are the official and correct materials but we can do them for you cheaper in resort when you arrive for your IDC Prep

Q – Is it worth me going to the London Diveshow next week and trying to blag a discount on the PADI IDC materials prices?
A – I doubt you will get it any cheaper at the Dive Show – although I don’t know how PADI International work and whether they would have any retail for sale at the show or not. You could always phone them and ask if they discount at the show If you are in London then you could always pop along and see, but I would phone PADI in Bristol first and ask first.

Now some for potential Scuba Instructors / Dive Center owners to consider the answers for:

Q – I’m presently doing the PADI divemaster course, and am interested to become instructor as the next step. I’ve studied your website home page, but haven’t figured out the total cost for me. As far as I understand, I need to take the IDC course. Is that correct?

Q – Is the IDC course the same thing as the AI course + OWSI course?

Q – What is the total cost for me to go from certified divemaster to certified instructor?

Q – What is your PADI IDC course + literature + examination + certification + any other cost total?

This one requires specialist knowledge of Phuket in Thailand 🙂

Q – I hear that Phuket has ‘a lot better diving than Koh Tao’, I don’t think I can stand one more dive at White Rock or Japanese Gardens -so this is good news, would you say the diving in Phuket is more varied that in Koh Tao and Samui?

Q – I’ve only been to Phuket the once,  a few days in Patong and Karon Beach, but I didn’t get the chance to have a proper look around and didn’t do any diving unfortunately. It seems a nice spot though and certainly less claustrophobic than Koh Tao.

Anyway, I did my DMT with Dive Community in Kata (with James Brabyn who now runs IDC Guide). I’d been going to Samui and Koh Tao for a few months every year since since 2005 when it was just teetering into becoming overcrowded. After my DMT I didn’t do a lot of diving in the next few years but did return to Koh Samui and did video for a few months, I am a good enough cameraman but I’m never happy wth my edits so I gave up on that (I wasn’t earning much either!) My last visit was in 2009 and I’m not sure I’d like to return again, as people have probably mentioned to you, it lost it’s original charm in the mid 2000s. What would you stay the benefits of Phuket are over Koh Samui and Koh Tao?

I’ve dived all the usual old favourites, Bali, Sharm, Hurghada, Barrier Reef, Vietnam, and Stoney Cove in the UK. I have done around 600 dives, only have 100 or so in the present log book (I’m good at losing log books) On a personal rather than proffesional level I’m erring towards wreck and possibly techie dives in the future, I dived Malta a few times last year and that got me interested in the history that goes with wreck exploration.

The January IDC on your schedule sounds like it could be ideal for me. I’m renting my place out here in the UK and the next month or so will give me time to sort that out and also perhaps earn a bit of back up money – if I can find a bit of work (unlikely!)

What is the score with getting a medical in Phuket ? It’s expensive over here (£150!) I have blood pressure controlled by drugs so I will bring the RSTC part of the medical my doctor signed to ok it . (I’m over 35 yrs old, above average fitness, cycle 100 miles a week and swim lots)

One last thing. I heard that PADI are launching a Resort Videographer Pro course in the future. I would very much like to teach that, I think it will be very lucrative, could something be arranged after my IDC?

Sometime at the beginning of April I’ll email you regarding availability and if als well I’ll get my deposit down for the course

Another big one that may require a long response 🙂

The wife and I will be in Phuket within a month we plan to do some exploring and diving. We are looking for a Dive Shop to do day dive with. We have been diving in Belize and the BVI. With so many Dive Shops on Phuket it is confusing and hard to know, who to dive with? where to go?

The wife and I have our own equipment and are Advance Rated. We would like to go for at least 12 to 15 days, tho not in a row with someone.

If we do what kind of Very Good Price can you offer us? How much for one day? and how many dives per day?

We want to go to as many of the local dive sites as possible. Of course if you could find a whale shark or manta ray too, that would be wonderful! We will be staying at the Palm Village. Do you pick us up on our diving days?

We are NOT the rich Americans, unless you count Credit Cards, which is really not money, so if you can give us a good price and tell us why we should go with you, it would really be a lot of help. And we would tell all of our friends to dive with you.

Please, All I need is my questions answered and some great prices on our diving  We are NOT the RICH Americans. We scrimp and save all year to go on vacation. It might make the difference between going and not going on the cost. We will have a vehicle, so unless it is a very long ways to get to you, we can drive to you.

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