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Gas Blender Courses

This course is becoming more popular due to the increased use of Enriched Air (EAN) when diving recreationally.

This course will train you to fulfil that very important requirement, every day Enriched Air diving is becoming more mainstream, the number of certified Enriched Air (Nitrox) divers is increasing, therefore you can only increase your value as a Diving professional by being qualified as a Gas Blender In this course you learn how to operate a Nitrox filling station and how to blend the required mixtures.

A perfect course for Divemasters and Instructors who are thinking about working in resorts, liveaboards or Dive centres. The facts are simple, the more Enriched Air / Nitrox is used the more people who are able to blend Nitrox are needed. Become a Master Mixer today. Learn this valuable skill, stand out from the crowd, do our DSAT Gas Blender specialty

What do I need to start?

PADI Nitrox-diver certification or equivalent,
minimum age 18.

You will get:

Manual on DSAT Gas blender
Blender Software and certification.

It takes:

1 day plus self study

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