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PADI IDC in Europe

UK, Germany, Gozo / Malta, Greece or Cyprus

If you decide to do your PADI IDC in Europle you have a choice from our Course Directors above. If you choose one of the IDC Guide Course Directors you can be assured of a very experienced, dive educator that will do their best to ensure your IDC and subsequent IE is both fun and rewarding, setting you up for a future career as a Dive instructor in Europe, be it in the UK, Germany, Gozo / Malta, Greece or in Cyprus.

Europe has a hugely diverse range of diving conditions including ice diving, wreck diving at Scarpa Flow or the Zenobia in Cyprus and beautiful and gentle reef diving in Malta, Cyprus and Sardinia. Click on the map opposite to decide where you want to complete your PADI IDC and become a scuba instructor.

PADI Europe IDC Locator

Course Directors

padi-course-directorsApply for inclusion so you can help more students with their PADI IDC and IE.

PADI Course Directors

Choosing your PADI IDC in Europe


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Course Director Spotlight ยป

Do your IDC in Gozo with course director Oliver Benndorff – Dive Smart Gozo

Corsair Diving Gozo IDC

Dive Smart Gozo

Course Director Oliver Benndorff (Malta)