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Mixed Dive Centre Enquires 2

More enquiries that you will want to review to see how you would answer them:

1, I’ll be in Phuket next week, Monday and Tuesday, and I would like to dive on Tuesday if possible. I have the advanced diver course from SDI (wreck, beach shore and deep dive). What could you recomend – for 2 or 3 dives?

2, Hi can you please tell me how much it would cost to get the PADI Open Water certification so I can be an independent recreational diver? Me and my girlfriend both would like to get certified. How much is it and how long does it take? I would also like to do a day trip from Phuket to Hin Daeng and Hin Muang.

3, Are you running any day trips next week?

4, I’m going to be staying in kata beach. I am looking to do 2 or 3 days of diving whilst there and am particularly interested in doing the vestal and squirrel. I am iantd trimix and technical wreck certified.

5, I would like to get a day of cave diving in during my 5 days in Phi Phi. The other 4 days I will be diving with my wife, who is not a cave diver. I will bring a side mount rig, with 2 reg. and 3 reels, masks, 2 back up lights. I would need 2 tanks (din fitting) left and right. open heel fins (Large) Main light and I will also bring a camera which has a light that could be used as a back up or even the main light.

6, My wife works for the airlines and I sometimes join her on Phuket flights. We would like to do some diving there at some stage – still planning week trip.

7, I have completed my Advanced Open Water, Nitrox, Wreck and Deep specialties and have 27 logged dives. I would be interested in doing a PADI cavern diver specialty and would possibly be staying longer in Phuket. Is this possible given the short notice? If this can be reserved by deposit I would appreciate if you could pass me any details.

8, My friend and I did our SDI open water pool training in United States and we want to complete four dives to be certified. Do you have dive trips available in the coming month?

9, What I am looking for now is internship with you in technical diving. I am very interested in all new techniques and equipment used in tech diving. At the moment I am working as a PADI MSDT and tour leader  in a Honduras diving school I am certified as ITDA extended range diver. I have around 2000 dives. Have been diving in lots of places around the world  and I love to teach diving plus I would like to improve my instructor skills. I would love to teach tech diving in future. But I am to be a proficient tech instructor so this is one of my reasons  why  I like to do the training by an internship. Also I just do not want to fly to some country do my course in few days and  fly back I would like to get involved and stay for a bit. I can work as a MSDT instructor for you or as a new tech instructor too if possible or any other way. Because stay somewhere for 2 months and be not working to cover cost is not that easy Do you start any internship soon? Please  send your offer to me I will happy to consider any kind of offer from you.

10,  I am Qualified 50 meter diver from SEADOG Commercial diving School, Saldanha Bay, South Africa with DoL Class II IMCA recognized dive permit. Available and willing to travel out to start work immediately out of the country in a rotational basis if required. Proactive and dynamic, committed to excel in the area of interest. Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. Seeking a career on challenging and responsible opportunities, explore strength and potential in a commercial diving industry.

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