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Here are some common questions and answers related to the PADI IDC and the IDC Guide and hopefully will give you an idea of what people are asking this month:

Q Hello, Im OW Dive Instructor, but this year im pregnant and i want to know how to change my status to avoid any problems with my renew in one year more…right now i didnt renew with padi and i cant enter to my site for that… what do you recomend me to do to avoid any problem , hope you can help me and thanks for your attention

A Simply inform your regional PADI office but you wont be able to have access to the site unless you renew your membership

Q Thanks you for the revision guide I will leave a positive review as its excellent information and will make it easier to help me pass I am sure. I’m being cheeky now but will you sell me the new IDC/IE exam question.

A Thanks and sorry no exams are for sale but you should really think about why you would want to buy an exam as you will clearly ‘cheat’ an important part of your professional exams and possibly then be a dangerous and unsafe diver and Instructor.

Q Just a quick note to say thanks for your helpful notes about prepping for the IDC. They helped me greatly in studying for my IE which I passed this last weekend. Hope to come down and thank you in person one of these days.

where is the instructor in the videos from? I grew up in the UK in Wiltshire and he sounds as though he has a bit of a west country accent.

A The Instructor in the videos is Andy from Utila in Honduras. Glad to hear you passed, good luck my friend

Q Hello. I am writing to ask a question regarding instructors and divers who have lower back problems. Could you tell me what the hazards for an instructor/diver would be and the proper procedures to mitigate these issues. As an example I may have to do some of the following exercises carrying tanks, walking with tanks in your BCD, attempting to stand with a tank in your bcd from a seated position.

Are there many recommendations or procedures to assist these divers or instructors who have concerns about this injury causing them to stop their diving career or hobby? Thank you so much for your time and assistance in answering this question

A Hi, as far as I am aware there is no special recommendation for lower back problems apart from practising ‘common sense’ when lifting scuba equipment. For interest I suffer with lower back problems and actually remember twice when moving tanks that my back was hurt (one time it took 3 weeks to return to normal). Please lift safely and carefully if you have to do it.

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