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Mixed Dive Centre Enquires

Ten enquries ranging from people that havent dived before to people wanting advanced tech diving

1, Hello,  this year or even the year after, I am planning to take around 3 month of from my PhD to accelerate on my diving. By then I will be a NAUI Divemaster (currently PADI Rescue Diver). During these 3 month, I would like to learn as much as possible in regards to instruction and technical diving and if possible instruction of technical diving. I hope to have around 60 dives by then, which is not much, I know. What do you think would be a good combination of courses to take in this time? What are the things I should try to get done/licensed before this time (e.g. EANx, doubles)? I would be very delighted to do more course work or a fourth dive instead of lying in the sun or partying to progress as fast as possible 😉 Thank you for your help!

2, I would like to take a CMAS course while being in Thailand. I am interested in the silver certification. I learned diving in Egypt (CMAS*) and improved my skills in Fiji (Padi Advanced Open Water). Do you offer CMAS** courses? If so, what would a course cost including all dives and equipment rental? When would the course take place and could I do my first aid certification with you as well? Looking forward to your reply Regards

3, I’m interested in tech dive path specialy in cave diving, also more exposure for my diving career. Please send me the rate of OZD Tec IV – Overhead Instructor and i want a diving job in your Dive Shop to cover up my small savinng to the rest my internship, hope you grant my request. Regards

4, I am a complete newbie with regard to diving and I am interested in doing the course. Kindly sent me a quote. Regards

5, Could you let me know how much is an open water course (including all fees, cert, etc) at tyour dive center, please? Thanks.

6, There are 2 of us interested in cave diving course. Do you have availability and what’s the cost? thanks

7, I am interested in doing the Normoxic Trimix course and would like to know if it is possible to go to this level with the BSAC accelerated deco procedures qualification. Also how long do your course typically last as I would like to do some diving after the course to build up some more experience. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards

8, Looking for Tech Diving live aboard in the month of Feb 2015 and also for TDI Extended Range Diver course. Please send me all the details to arrive at a decision. Thanks

9, Hello, Can you please give me pricing TDI tech courses? Intro to Tech, Decompression procedures & Advanced Nirox. I am PADI advanced with Nirox and have 50 cold water dives in drysuit already.

10, I just finished my Cavern and Introduction to Cave diving Course with ANDI. I am also a certified Adv Trimix and Adv Wreck diver. I am planning my continuous study in Full Cave with TDI. I am planning to go to Phuket this November around 7th-12th with my girlfriend. She’d like to do some fun dives over there as well. Here are some our queries: 1. Since I finished my course and get certified with ANDI for Intro-to Cave, am I qualified to roll in the FULL CAVE course with TDI? 2. Do you have time to teach me the course around 7th – 11th Nov? 3. Can we finish Full Cave during my stay? I should take flight on 6th and arrive at Phuket on 7th. I will have 7th-11th 5 full diving days or at least 4. 4. Where shall we stay, in Phuket or some other islands near to the dive site? 5. No matter where we stay, can my girlfriend still have fun dives and still stay at the same hotel or resort with me? Many thanks for help and look forward to your reply.

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