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Divemaster Cyprus with our Course Directors

on Sep 13, 2014

Always nice to see that Divemasters whom have the desire to become PADI Instructors are delighted with the help and advice they receive from our Course Directors when we put them in touch with them with a view to giving them the most appropriate package of Dive Instruction preparing them for real-world Dive Instruction. [IDC Student] You’ve really convinced me...

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PADI Course Director Overview

on May 28, 2012

Course Director Overview – This is an example overview / summary of the Course Director, each PADI five star IDC or CDC should have a course director review on their website, the following is for a great PADI Course Director I knew and worked with in Phuket, Thailand. Bjorn took his first breath underwater back in 1983 in Scandinavia, with the water...

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World’s Best Dive Educators

on Feb 20, 2012

Putting dive students in front of the World’s Best dive educators that offer quality dive education is the driving force behind the IDC Guide. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and variety of PADI Instructor scuba training, and it’s important to us to develop and nurture the dive education and skills of all students that buy our...

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Want to do your PADI IDC in Vietnam?

on Feb 8, 2012

Jeremy is now taking over from Grant in running the PADI IDC course in Vietnam with Rainbow Divers. The good news is you will now get one of the most experienced Course Directors in the world and one of the original PADI Platinum Course Directors who has over 20,000 dives in his log books and has been diving all over the world since he first done is Open Water...

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High Standard Instructors

on Nov 22, 2011

This is a test I previously gave to Course Directors who wanted inclusion in the IDC Guide to see what answers they gave this dive student. As I was surfing on the net, looking for the best place to do my diving education I found your web site. I am a female, 29 yr old. Living in Norway. I am in for changing my life. I am Padi Open Water Diver certified, and I am...

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PADI Platinum Course Directors

on Nov 8, 2011

You have many choices when choosing a PADI Course Director to train yourself to become a Scuba Instructor, take a look within the IDC Guide to see some of the world’s best. Here is an impressive resume of a PADI ‘Platinum’ Course Director that is also an EFR Instructor Trainer Over 25 years ago I took my first breath underwater in Europe and since...

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