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Course Director Overview – This is an example overview / summary of the Course Director, each PADI five star IDC or CDC should have a course director review on their website, the following is for a great PADI Course Director I knew and worked with in Phuket, Thailand.

Bjorn took his first breath underwater back in 1983 in Scandinavia, with the water temperature and the divers gear not as they are in this ‘modern’ day. Nonetheless, it was fascination and love at first breath. Since then, he has been exploring the underwater world, diving sites in places such as Florida, Egypt, the Mediterranean, The Andaman Sea, the Java Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

In the early 90s, he wanted a change of direction and then made a decision to follow his dream; he turned diving into a career by moving to Thailand to work as a Scuba Instructor. Bjorn completed his PADI Course Director course in the middle of the 90s at PADI Headquarters in California, USA, and has been a full-time PADI Dive Instructor Trainer ever since. At the time of writing he holds one of the best PADI IE success rates in Phuket, Thailand.

Bjorn’s experience builds on nearly 200 successful PADI IDCs resulting in over 1000 PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certifications. In addition, 2700+ other instructor certifications: Nitrox, Rebreather, Gas Blender, DPV, Deep, Wreck, U/W Video, Digital U/W Photography, EFR, Emergency Oxygen Provider and others. In a league of his own, Bjorn has been awarded PADI’s Platinum Course Director status for the fourth time in as many years.

Bjorn’s philosophy is simple: Be Innovative, Be First.
He has always been committed to staying at the forefront of the scuba diving industry by offering the latest in education and technology:
•    Bjorn’s IDC was the first in Thailand to introduce PADI’s latest programs: The new 2010 IDC Curriculum, Emergency Oxygen Provider, the new 2009 EANx Nitrox course and Digital Underwater Photography.
•    He was also the first PADI Course Director to introduce Draeger Rebreather, DSAT TecRec Gas Blender, Emergency First Responder and Care for Children instructor courses to Phuket’s IDC agenda!
•    He is the only Course Director in Thailand who has participated in the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Course Director updates.
•    Bjorn has been awarded PADI’s most prestigious Course Director Recognition for his “Outstanding Contribution to Instructor Development”. He is the only Course Director in the world to receive this unique and coveted PADI award four times!
Look at what makes you successful in the real world – you deserve the best preparation and education available.

Bjorn Tackmann’s Instructor Trainer data:
•    PADI Course Director graduate 1996 from PADI Headquarters, California, USA
•    EFR/CFC Instructor Trainer, Nitrox Instructor Trainer, DSAT Gas Blender Instructor Trainer, PADI Rebreather Instructor Trainer (Draeger Ray & Dolphin), Emergency Oxygen Instructor Trainer and Specialty Instructor Trainer for Shark, DPV, Wreck, Digital U/W Photo, UW Videographer, Deep, Night, Drift, Navigation, Boat, U/W Naturalist, Search/Recovery and Multilevel.
•    Trained over 3000 Instructors to varying levels, certified more than 1000 recreational divers
•    Diver since 1983, 3000+ dives. Worked in Scandinavia, Cyprus, the Red Sea, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia
•    Scandinavian dive instructor who has been living in South East Asia for nearly 20 years.

Bjorn would have more than 6 years as a Platinum Course Director but PADI only started the Platinum CD six years ago.

He was trained at PADI Headquarters in California, USA and has conducted more than 140 IDCs since becoming a PADI Course Director.
In a league of his own, Bjorn has been awarded PADI’s Platinum Course Director status for five successive years !

Only a small elite group of Course Directors in the world have been promoted by PADI to this level, less than 48 worldwide, and even less are working in a top PADI CDC (there are more than 1,400 Course Directors worldwide).
Bjorn’s dedication to the Instructor Development Program has resulted in receiving PADI’s most prestigious Hallmark of Excellence Award.

Instructor Trainer data:
Bjorn Tackmann, 4000+ dives, Course Director Graduate from PADI Headquarters in California, USA.
DSAT TecRec Gas Blender Instructor trainer, Enriched Air NITROX Instructor Trainer, PADI Rebreather Instructor Trainer (Draeger Ray & Dolphin), DAN Oxygen Instructor Trainer, PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor Trainer, EFR Instructor Trainer, EFR Care for Children Instructor trainer and Specialty Instructor Trainer for Shark, Wreck, U/W Video, U/W Digital Photographer, Deep, DPV, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search & Recovery, Night, Navigation, U/W Naturalist, Boat and Multilevel.

25+ years diving experience. Worked in Scandinavia, Cyprus, the Red Sea, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Trained over 900 PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors and certified 2200+ PADI divers. Danish national. Last 18 years in South East Asia.
What do his IDC students think of him
Congratulations Bjorn, You are the best in the business in my humble opinion. Again excellent work, and a top notch job, thanks for everything!
Scott M.

Hi  Bjorn. I learnt a lot on the IDC course and will hopefully use your wise words for a long time to come I realy cannot thank you enough for the IDC and the prep for IE.
I  hope to see you again some time. Bye for now.
Matt S.

Just a note to thank you for the IDC experience. Mostly loved it. The IDC was much harder than the IE. You are a fine teacher with great patience.
Terry J.

Hello Björn, Thank you very much for the good formation you gave to us during the IDC, that was “awesome job”! Next week I will go to Mallorca to start a dive center. I will make my best to apply all the good tips and advices you gave during the IDC to make the business run well. It is one very exciting new project. Take care, I wish a lot of success in the next IDCs to come.
Servane D.

Hey Bjorn, Just letting you know that I have a job in the Whitsundays.  Thank you for a great course, I found it very enjoyable and rewarding.
Heath B.

Hi Bjorn, how are things? Thanks heaps for all your training on the IDC. Doing my Tec and Tec Inst. Training at the moment and might be after IDC Staff very soon. Thanks again for all your training.
Cheers Edd S.

Hi Bjorn, I thought I’d say hi and let you know we are both working as instructors back in Australia and loving it. Thanks for the great training on our IDC.
Michelle W and Scott L 🙂

Thank you again Bjorm. I will be back soon to enroll in the staff instructor course. You are the best!
Warmest, Melissa

Remember my IDC 4 years ago as it was yesterday also with Bjorn as CD… He’s the best :0)
Bjarne J.

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