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This is a test I previously gave to Course Directors who wanted inclusion in the IDC Guide to see what answers they gave this dive student.

As I was surfing on the net, looking for the best place to do my diving education I found your web site.

I am a female, 29 yr old. Living in Norway.

I am in for changing my life. I am Padi Open Water Diver certified, and I am interested to become a dive instructor. My question is relate to jobs and cost of the course.

1.       Total cost of a course from OPWD until Padi IDC IE, including all fee? ( so there are no hidden cost left, I am on a very strictly budget)

2.       Is it easy to get a job as instructor in Asia? (specialialy in Thailand or The Philippines. These are places where i would like to live.)

3.        What is the average monthly income, as instructor? (not that i want to become rich by that)

4.        I have diabetic, but it is in control by strictly diet and medicine. Not insulin!! Will that be a problem in getting a job?

5.        I am very active woman. Will my age be drawback for getting a job? Do they want more experienced divers?

6.       Will the cost of any PADI IDC I chose include a place to live for the duration of the course?

7.        Do you get job requirements from firm seeking instructor? ( An intermediary job). What kind of help do you give to students who want to work as a scuba instructor

8.         Is there any web site where there are job adverts. I would like to be sure of job possibility’s before I quit my job her. I can never get vacation for such a long time. Once I am out, I have to seek for a new job when I come back. So, my plan (my wish) is that I want a diving job asap. If I come back  to Norway I have to start all over again, and start looking for a job for living cost and a place to live.

So I don’t want to come back to Norway, and then seek for job from here. I won’t have much saving left after that I have paid for the PADI IDC course.

I have also been told that it may be internships where I can stay and get work?

That will be the best way to get into diving business.

I do speak fluent English, Norwegian, Swedish, Pakistani and Indian. And understand very well Danish.

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