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Divemaster Cyprus with our Course Directors

Always nice to see that Divemasters whom have the desire to become PADI Instructors are delighted with the help and advice they receive from our Course Directors when we put them in touch with them with a view to giving them the most appropriate package of Dive Instruction preparing them for real-world Dive Instruction.

[IDC Student] You’ve really convinced me with your superb attitude and responsiveness, I’ve booked my flights. I will be arriving early on Thursday morning and start the ID Prep with you on Friday.

I’m interested in your Top IDC Package in your email of just a few days ago, you offered me totry and encourage newly qualified instructors to enter the Specialty Instructor ranks and thus increase their chance of employment. Is this still available, I am assuming you haven’t had the courses fill up in a few days? How can I get the deposit to you? As soon as you let me know this, I’ll get the money to you.

This week I’ve got involved with my local scuba school and they have taken me on as a working DM along with my friend  who is an instructor. Under the stewardship of a Staff Instructor  we aim to provide our students with an easier way to learn to dive. Our website is being designed now and will be integrated into the other business. I am shadowing my PADI Staff Instructor while he teaches DM students and this is a marvellous opportunity to get up to date on my dive theory and skills, so I shall be quite prepared by the time I arrive at your school. I am so determined to pass, it would be a crying shame to fail in Cyprus.


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