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PADI IDC in the Philippines

Take a look at our Philippines PADI IDC choice.

This is the information you will get if you decide to consider the Philippines as your IDC location. Jo and Angel will be on hand to answer any question you have, their initial information includes this:

Deciding where to do your IDC is an important step, and choosing which facility is right for you can be difficult. To help you, I will set out below answers to our most frequently asked questions which I think you will find useful at this stage.

How long is the IDC?
The whole IDC takes 13 days, which includes the EFR Instructor course. This might be a day or two longer than other IDCs but means that the days are short and relaxed, giving you plenty of time to prepare your own presentations, go diving, or relax in our resort. In addition we highly recommend our IDC Preparation days (3 days). We provide daily breakfast and lunch during these 16 days. The final Instructor Exam (IE) will take place just after the IDC.

Who will be teaching me?
The Course Director conducting your IDC, Angel Navarro, is one of the most experienced and respected Course Directors around. He has trained more than 1000 divers, and also has more than 1000 professional-level certifications under his belt. Doing your IDC with Angel means you come away with much more than just a certification.

How many people will be in my class?
We pride ourselves in giving our candidates the best possible experience and that includes small groups of a maximum 6 persons which ensure you get the personal service that you should expect from your IDC.

What’s the diving like in Malapascua?
The diving here is world renowned! Many famous underwater photographers and film crews come to Exotic to film the thresher sharks and wide variety of macro life that can be seen year round. So here at Exotic we can offer you a great IDC package and great diving as well!

Can I dive for free during my stay?
The main reason you are choosing to start your career with PADI is no doubt because you love diving, and here we expect you to dive as much as you can throughout your course – all for free!

Where will I stay during my IDC?
You can stay here at Exotic in our newly built dedicated GoPro Lodge. This is situated on the resort only a 2 minute walk to our private beach. Built with you in mind, they are comfortable, brand new and with a shared bathroom. The cost for these rooms is Php 2350/week for a single fan room, Php 3500/week for a double fan room, Php 4600/week for a single A/C room and Php7000/week for a double A/C room. If you prefer something more luxurious I can of course arrange this for you. There are plenty of other accommodation options on the island too.

Can I teach after my IDC to get experience?
Absolutely! We offer all our candidates a free 6 week internship where you can work alongside our instructors gaining valuable experience of the real world. If you would prefer to take some of these 6 weeks before your IDC assisting our instructors as a Divemaster that’s no problem.

Can I take Specialty Instructor courses after my IDC?
Yes you can. Being able to teach Specialty courses gives you the chance to pursue your own interests, and can make you more employable in the process. We offer Specialty Instructor Training Courses also run by our Course Director Angel in a wide range of Specialties including the popular Enriched Air, Digital Underwater Photography, Deep and Wreck. Our MSDT Preparation Program is designed to be very flexible and run alongside your 6 week internship and includes the chance to earn your first student certifications. The Program includes 5 PADI Specialties and their appropriate training dives. With these 5 Specialties you can apply to become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer once you have attained 25 student certifications. If you are interested, please see our IDC Gold package.

How much does it cost?
We offer three different IDC packages to suit most candidates’ needs. However if any of the packages below don’t fit exactly what you require please let me know and I can put together a bespoke package.

Is there anything else I will have to pay for?
Yes. We do not include the PADI IDC Crewpak and EFRI Manual as many people prefer to bring their own materials. Also, we want to give you the best available deal and this might mean buying your own materials back home for a better price than we can acquire them in the Philippines. However, if you prefer, we can order the materials for you at a price of approximately Php 33,000 (this is subject to change due to the prevailing exchange rate). If you have any questions about what materials are required, please ask.

There are also some application fees which you will need to pay directly to PADI, not to us. These are all priced in AUS$. They are subject to change but currently are:

  • Instructor Development Course application AUS$188
  • EFRI application AUS$120
  • Instructor Exam AUS$710

It is a requirement of PADI that you have a full set of equipment. However if you don’t want to bring your bulky items you can rent this from us. The rental cost is Php5,000/month and includes BCD, regs, wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins.

When is the best time to come?
Malapascua is blessed with great diving all year round so any time is great! Please see our attached schedule setting out our dates for 2011. If there is anything in particular that interests you (sharks, mantas, macro diving etc) let us know and we will advise you when the best time to come is.

How do I get to Malapascua?
It’s really easy! Cebu, the neighbouring island, has a major international airport and from there it’s around a 3 to 4 hour journey to catch the short ferry ride to Malapascua. We can arrange private transfers from Cebu if you wish.

Is there anything else I should know?
You will need to have a current medical certificate completed by a doctor to confirm that you are fit to dive. As there is no resident doctor on the island I would recommend that you obtain this before you come. We can send you the appropriate form in your chosen language for you and your doctor to complete. It must be completed no more than 12 months prior to your Instructor Exam.

To start your IDC you need to have been a certified diver for at least 6 months, and you need to have proof of 100 logged dives before you take the IE (Instructor Exam).

As a standard procedure of the resort to guarantee reservation, we require a 20% deposit on the total booking computed. You can pay the deposit thru bank transfer or credit card.

I hope that this answers many of the questions that you have, but of course if you need any more information to be able to properly consider things just drop me an email.

Look here for further information about the PADI IDC in the Philippines and the contact details to get in contact with Jo and Angel.

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