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Routine Dive Centre Enquiries 2

This is a common type of enquiry where you will answer the initial enquiry then get asked lots of things abour the resort / rooms / location etc then get left without a reply as people want to get the most info they can with the smallest amount of research themselves.

[Scuba Diver Enquiry] I’d like to take the advanced open water course. I would like to start the PADI AOW course on October 1st, do I need to reserve for the Advanced Open Water course or I can just show up in the morning? If I want to dive more or do the nitrox course, is there any package deal? At that time of the year, is it possible to see whales sharks
in the dives? Finally, do you have any suggestion for accomodation, where I can stay? Is
it easy to find and to get to your location?

So in summary I want to do Advance Open Diver course as I have done  discover scuba diving, please quote best possible rate for myself to make my decision easy.

[Dive Centre] Thank you for your interest in diving with us during your stay in
Phuket. You have mentioned you have completed a Discover Scuba Diving, but have you
completed the Open water certification? You need this prior to starting the
Advanced certification.

For the Open water licence if you do not have already it will take you 3
days. The first day is in the classroom and pool.
Then you have 2 days on the boat where you complete 4 training dives. The
boat is scheduled for 6 dives over these two days so it is possible to
complete 2 fun dives included in the cost or you can chill out on the boat at the end of the day and do some revision for the next day.

If you already have the open water licence / certification you can start the advanced course, this takes 2 days, on the boat, no classroom time. You need to complete 5 training dives, and will get the opportunity to do 1 fun dive.

Please have a look through the information and get back to me with any questions you may have.

[Scuba Diver Enquiry] I did the PADI DSD – discover scuba diving course Please quote me best rates for the courses I need, I m planning to reach you within 2 weeks so please give me best possible rates as I m getting quotes from another other dive center that is close to your location.

[Dive Centre] Aha so now we know, then you would need to complete the PADI open water course, you cannot start the Advanced until you have this. After completing open water diver course what will be the depth I can dive also do you rent housing for camera if yes what is the cost for it

The Open Water Diver course takes 3 days, the Advanced Open Water course is takes 2 days, if you book them together then you pay a discounted rate and it will take you 4 days to complete this as a combination package. When are you planning to be with us? This is the best rate, the prices are fixed, you will get a good course with a professional instructor. We are a professional PADI dive centre and do not negotiate on price or quality of course. Let me know if you wish to make a booking.

The open water course allows you to dive to 18m, we do not rent housings for cameras as each camera needs a specific housing. But we could put a videographer on the boat who can take a short DVD of your dive and a few hundred photos of you, she charges for this and you pay him directly.

[Scuba Diver Enquiry] I want to do my own videography also do you  suggest me any resort for stay as on internet its hard to know which is best not looking for much expensive

[Dive Centre]  We really wont recommend you worry about videography until you can dive and are happy and safe underwater but we do have have a video camera and housing which we could rent to you if you progress to that level There re many guest houses in this area including a very basic room with air con and private bathroom. It depends on what you  want from a room. The prices will start to increase during high season. If you want a budget place there are backpacker inns, with dormitories from about €10 per night.

Or at the other end there are rooms for more than €300 per night so it depends on your budget and needs.

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