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Routine Dive Centre Enquiries 1

Here are some example enquiries you can expect as part of an Instructor Team working at a Dive Centre, its really important to ensure you can understand, relate to and answer questions that are posed of you about dive courses, use these as examples:

[Diver] Hello, I want to take a day scuba trip at Aug. 12 this year. Is there any trip for choose? Thank you!

[Dive Centre] Thank you for your enquiry. So I can look at the best trip for you please can you tell me:

What Diving certification you hold?
How many logged dives you have?
Do you have your own equipment? We look forward to hearing from you soon.

[Diver] Thanks a lot for your reply. What Diving certification you hold? PADI AOW How many logged dives you have? 40 dives Do you have your own equipment? no, I need rental. I have dived a day in Egypt two years ago. And I want to see the Mantas and Leopard shark this time if possible. Is there any day trip for choose?

[Dive Centre] I recommend 2 dives for you as you havent dived for 2 years. Rental for a full set of equipment is normally €20, however I will do  this for €15 for you. Would you like to make a booking?

[Diver] I guess I haven’t made myself clear. I mean I like Egypt very much because a day scuba dive trip two years ago. But my last  dive is in Feb. this year. Whatever, I want to dive in calm sea. Haha. Do you mean the visibility is better in  August?

[Dive Centre] No problem, the visibility is about 20 meters and. This is usually the same all year. The journey to the dive site on the dive boat is twice as long as to the standard dive site that you have been to before. I believe this is your best option for Calm seas and good visibility.

[Diver] Please book a day trip I can decide now. Thank you! and, I have 4 friends want to try Discover Scuba Diving at the same day. Can we get any discount?  I have another friend who have dived 6 times but haven’t got their open water certificate. His last dive is at Bali with reaching 20m depth underwater. Could he dive with me for a day trip?

[Dive Centre] I can make this booking for you. Unfortunately we only offer two dives on a day trip at this time of day however you could take advantage of our other boats to book a liveaboard trip the week after No problem, I will book this for you.

Discover Scuba Diver for 4 people, no problem This is a whole day program, we will collect them from the hotel at 8am  and return them approx. 4pm.  I strongly recommend the three people who are doing the Discover Scuba Diving come to the pool on the afternoon of the day before to do the required skills for this program before they go into the Ocean.

I am surprised you ask me for discount on this course, I would have thought you would be more concerned by the Standard that the Course and Program are taught to.

I will not give you discount as I will not reduce my quality. We are a PADI 5 StarCentre, this is the highest standard for a PADI Dive Centre and there are very few of us in the world. We use our own boats and our own Instructors and therefore know the quality you are going to get. Normally for the Discover Scuba Diving Program the ratio is 1 instructor to 4 students, however i will do this as 1 instructor and 1 divemaster to just the 4 participants at no additional charge.

Normally the rental equipment for you is €20 for a full set however I will do this for you free of charge.

Your other friend is not a certified diver although they have dived before. They cannot do diving with you on that day and the Centre in Bali should not have taken them to 20m at all. If they do not have a diving certification at all they have to do the Discover Scuba Diving Program. The diving centre did a very dangerous thing with your friend. They were lucky no problems occurred, if they had of done no insurance company in the world would have looked after him.

Would he like to do a Discover Scuba Diving program with the rest of your friends?

To see what previous customers have said about our quality please look at our website testimonials page. Our one day experience for non certified Divers is called a PADI Discover Scuba Diver.

There, you’ll learn to use scuba equipment and get accustomed to your new surroundings and gain vital confidence in your own ability. Once the skills are completed (5 – 10 mins) you will start exploring the underwater world.

You will have lunch on the boat and then its time to do it again, but this time with no skills, just adventure.

The Discover Scuba Diving experience is a great way to get started with diving before your first official dive certification. Because the skills you complete during your adventure are the first skills of the Scuba Diver and the Open Water Course, you will earn some credits for them. If you decide later to conduct in a diving course, you don’t have to do these skills
again. Make your first step in the underwater world and Discover Scuba Diving!

[Diver] Great info thanks I want to confirm my booking once again. I couldn’t walk to your shop for booking. Because I haven’t any free time these days until. I am living  too far away. When will you catch me at 12th? My friends cannot decide now. If they decide to join in your DSD, we will message you tomorrow.

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