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IDC and IE required materials

This is a letter you dont want to be receiving and to avoid it simply use original PADI IDC materials, you really cant cut costs here and we recommend you buy all required materials before the IDC and study them. Possibly you may want to sell some after your IDC but thats your choice, we found that you always need the ones you dont have to hand.

Letter from PADI QM Dept:

We have received reports which raise questions regarding your level of compliance with PADI required materials standards and a possible breach of copyright in relation to PADI materials used on your IDC and IE.

We realise that information we receive is sometimes less than accurate. However, it is the Quality Management Department’s responsibility to follow up on every complaint to help ensure that PADI Standards and Procedures are maintained.

PADI Standards require your written reply to this Quality Management Department inquiry within seven days. If discussion of this letter will help you prepare your written response, you can call me during business hours.

According to the reports;
1. You failed to obtain a legitimate copy of the 2011 PADI Instructor Manual for use during and after the IDC as required by PADI Standards despite being repeatedly informed of this requirement by staff of the IDC.
2. At the IE you have used a 2011 Instructor Manual which as a non-renewed member of PADI you are not entitled to have in your possession. According to PADI records you were last renewed as a member in 2010.
3. The photocopied Instructor Manual referred to in 2. above is a copy made in breach of copyright.

In relation to 3 above; the PADI member who provided you with access to the Instructor Manual so you could make a copy or provided you with the photocopy may also be in breach of copyright. To help us with our follow up we require you provide us with their name and contact details.

Note that failure to report breaches of standards personally witnessed and failure to cooperate with investigations into quality assurance related matters may negatively impact on your future status with PADI. Your membership with PADI has been placed in Administrative Hold pending this inquiries outcome.

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