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PADI Internship not proving to be fun!

Include this comment from a guy who is doing his Divemaster Course in Australia to demonstrate that you should do your own research and perhaps look at IDC Guide to see our recommended places for your Divemaster Internship.

Comments are all the view of the IDC Guide customer, reproduced with permission:

Thanks for your quick reply and the PADI exam notes look fantastic , its too bad we didn’t hear about IDC-Guide before we started with the dive centre we are using in Sydney, Australia ,after having paid $950 AUD each for our Divemaster Internship, we are just the cheap labour to move boxes of diving gear (sometimes 3+ hours a day) and washing smelly wet suits under the guise of a so called “internship”, having to nag to get any sort of training and today I found out that the exams we( my wife and I ) were expecting to sit has been put off for another week, and surprise ,surprise we are scheduled to be working from Tuesday through Sunday.
We do dive twice a day but start at 8.30 and finish no earlier than 6pm
Anyway enough whingeing, we may be interested in doing our instructors ticket with one of the IDCs you recommend sometimes next year. That is if we ever finish this Dive masters ticket.
Anyway thanks for the quick service really love the DVD and notes you send us to prepare us for our PADI DM exams.

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