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CMAS to PADI transfers

Sometimes it can prove tricky to transfer from one dive agency to another, as proved by the potential PADI IDC student below, or advice is to contact your local PADI office. Who normally make this process easy and straight forward.

I am a CMAS level 3 dive master (with my card). I recently decided to do my PADI dive master which I successfully did in the Philippines. I filled all the forms, passed all the tests, physical, academic at the dive center. My application was sent to PADI who refused to process it because I cannot prove I am a CMAS level 2 diver.

I am quite shocked by the PADI reply. I sent to PADI the PADI / CMAS agreement but they still demanded to see my CMAS level 2 card which of course I did not keep since I am a level 3. It would be asking a PADI dive master if he or she is a Advance Water diver!

I am trying to contact CMAS but this is not easy as it is not a business like PADI but more a federation. The club that certified me is now SSI and they don’t want any more dealings with CMAS not PADI. So they do not have access to my records anymore. I am not even sure anybody can issue me this very obsolete card.

So you can see I am quite distressed. You have on your web site an equivalence table that shows that CMAS level 3 is similar to PADI dive master and yet I have PADI who insist I need to prove I am an advance open water diver. This is just a joke !

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