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Instructor job applications – Ref Koh Tao 1

If you can offer this guy an Instructor position contact us quoting reference Koh Tao 1

I am very interested in a job opportunity as an instructor in your dive school (would also be available for any live a-board trips).
During my training in the CMAS and PADI systems, I conducted and logged over 200 dives, so I have experienced diving in many places (France, Ireland, Egypt, Thailand, Cambodia…), which gave me an insight in different ecosystems and diving conditions.
I consider myself to be very communicative, open minded and I speak 2 languages fluently (French and English). While I was working at Apple, which is a company with very high standards in customer service, I had the opportunity to develop very good skills in this area.

As my father is an entomologist, I was early sensitized to nature preservation.
Based on this I understand diving not as a purely recreational activity but as a chance to
study and therefore conserve the marine wildlife. As an instructor I have the chance to share and teach this knowledge about marine life and scuba diving.

I am a very reliable and responsible person and I am very careful to apply safe diving
practices and use top of the art gear.

With these skills, I am confident that I am a perfect match for a position within your company. I am most eager to implement my experience and contribute to your organization. If you have any questions, feel free to join me by phone or email.


December 2011 0 I passed the IDC in Koh Tao, after a training with the Buddah View School Created a typical website for a diving school/shop

2010 -> Nov 2011 iTunes Store Senior Advisor
I answered by email and chat to the customer inquiries related to the iTunes Store and the Mac App Store. Obviously, I helped tier 1 agents to solve their own cases.

2009 Apple T1 French/English Technical Support Agent
The task of this position was to answer technical inquiries from Apple customers, related to its computers and devices (iPhone, iPods etc…).

2008 Independent IT Consultant
In 2008 I founded my own web agency and worked as a freelancer with other business partners. I handled support requests from customers and provided specialized trainings for them. Moreover, I administrated the web servers for my customers and created websites. My responsibilities also involved software troubleshooting and technical support.

2007/2008 I prepared the creation of my own company (training at the Montpellier Business School).

2005/2008 IT Website Support Consultant
Worked on the French portal of Joomla! the most used CMS in the world. I was involved in the French translation of Joomla and became a moderator on the official forum, to maintain IT and help/support people using it.

2003/2006 Cyber Café IT Manager
My position included managing two electronic cyber cafés (walk-in service, sales receipt, accounting and planning). I worked as a network administrator (installation, configuration, maintenance). Furthermore, I provided software/network troubleshooting and technical support experience (fixing PCs, IT issues, etc). Training people on various aspects of computing (how to surf, communicate and search on the web) for beginners and advanced users, was also one of my responsibilities.

2002 Technical Translator
I translated an email server, a firewall software and their manuals from English to French. At this time, my career as a webmaster begun.


PADI OWSI (MSDT is in progress!)
• PADI diver specialties : AEN and Deep Diver
• 30 certifications and counting EFR Instructor

CMAS *** (started to dive in 2004)
More than 200 logged dives in France, Egypt, Ireland, Cambodia and Thailand.
As an experienced diver, I have my own equipment, including even light and diving reel for instance.

C O M P U T E R  S K I L L S  &  K N OWL E D G E
• Webmastering, referencing, translating (PHP/MySQL, Perl, HTML, javascript).
Experience in networking and web/communication protocols (TCP/IP, FTP)
• Adult trainer
• Operating systems: Mac OS, Windows Os both client and server versions
• Involved in the Joomla project, as translator, bug reporter, and moderator.

Law/Philosophy studies at Montpellier University (Montpellier I)
1st year of BTS network administration. French equivalent to the Higher Leaving Certificate Poste (Bac L)
BAFA : a french diploma which allows you to entertain children and teenagers in camps.

French: (mother tongue)
English: Fluent English

O T H E R  A C T I V I T I E S
Internet, reading, music, hiking, survival and rescue knowledge, interest in different cultures and traveling

T H E  S E A  WA T E R  A N D  I … A N  O L D  S T O R Y !
I started diving when I was a teenager in the Calanques o f Cassis . Afterward I spent a few years enjoying surfing and finally joined the scuba diving french federation in 2003. There, I had an extensive training (2 hours twice a week, year round) which made me a good scuba diver quickly (I passed the three stars CMAS level in 2 years). My plan at this time was already to become a scuba diving trainer in the french federation. Unfortunately, if you want to make it as a job, you have to pay for a special training which is mandatory and organized by the state. This training costs at least 6.000 euros (!). Thus, I had to postpone this project.

At this time I was already a business owner (professional website creation) and conducted several trainings for my customers. Until now, I continued to develop my webmaster skills, so you might want to take a look at my last project, which is a dedicated product for diving schools.

During my time in Ireland, I switched to the PADI system (October 2010). I obtained an equivalence as a PADI Rescue Diver, thanks to my CMAS level. Then, I was trained and obtained my PADI Divemaster.

I went several times to South East Asia, including Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand (mainly in the Andaman sea and around the Koh Tao Area) and I literally fell in love with these countries!

At the moment, I am on Koh Tao, being available and flexible to come to your place as soon as you need me.

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