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Here is a typical enquiry and the sample reply you could get if you want to do your PADI IDC in Phuket

[Potential IDC Student] Currently finishing off a degree in agricultural science, Recently visited Phuket and Phi Phi and want to live and work there somehow. Been trying to figure out a way seems becoming a dive instructor might be the best option. Just after a bit more info in terms of what would be the best way to go about setting this in motion. How much is it to do these courses in Australia compared to say in Thailand.

[PADI IDC – Course Director] I received your information from my IDC Staff Instructor James Brabyn at IDC Guide.

If after reading this information you need something more please email me or I can speak with you in person and answer any question you may have about your program. Please give me your phone number and a time to call or you are welcome to call me directly.

So I can tailor our standard IDC package completely to you could you let me know a few things first:

How long would you like to complete the course over?
Are you looking for a full time career in Diving, or as some people do, looking to fulfil your personal dreams and education, then return to a “normal” career whilst teaching friends and family part time?
How long have you been a certified diver and what certification do you hold?

And to satisfy my own curiosity (call me nosey if you like!):
How old are you?
Which countries have you dived in so far?
Purely from my nosey female nature, what made you decide on this career change?
In which country did you pass you PADI Open Water?

Now I will tell you a little bit about me and Scuba Cat.

I am from just outside of Birmingham, have been at Scuba Cat for 7 years. In my previous life I was a Financial Adviser, earning a really good salary but I was bored. I was already a Divemaster, having done all of my training in and around Quarries in the UK when I cam on holiday to Phuket diving with Scuba Cat. I fell in love with Thailand and decided to come back and do my IDC here. That’s where trouble started. I went back to the UK, couldn’t settle back into work so sold up everything and came here to work as an instructor. 4 and a half years ago (1st June 2007) I had the opportunity to become the owner and the rest is history……..

I hope this explains a little bit about why I want the answers from you, Scuba Cat Diving is not just a company to me it is my life, I spend my time working toward making other peoples dreams easy to achieve, I don’t dive much myself any more as I am always in the background looking after the customers before they get here, whilst they are here but still have time for IDC courses and overseeing all the career packages, courses etc

Let me introduce you to  Scuba Cat Diving.

Scuba Cat Diving has trained thousands of divers from beginner to instructor and won several AWARDS.

Looking for the right place to do your IDC is confusing, you cannot tell what a centre is like from a website alone. The CDC Centre is a good indication of excellence, and your PADI Course Director, awards and status are extremely important.

This is a life changing experience, the cheapest option is not necessarily the best. Have a look at things the former students have said about the centre on Trip advisor.

I trust you will find my information valuable and will look forward to working with you during your IDC.

I look forward to welcoming you aboard. Take a look at Scubacat in Phuket for you PADI IDC

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