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Scuba Instructor Applications

Here are a few snippets of CVs and application letters you can use as a basis for when you are looking for work as a PADI Scuba Instructor:

Job Applied for: PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Divemaster and Instructor course
I am responsible for the registration and the welcome of customers, giving them all the necessary (equipment, briefings, etc..)for leading them during the dives.
Further the role of dive leader in recreational dives, I have done Scuba experience (D.S.D.), refresh dives and Open Water courses.
I also deal with some technical activities, like using the compressor, fixing tank’s taps. Moreover I worked on the boats of the diving center (refurbishing of bilge pumps; plumbing works on the boat toilet, refurbishing of a 40 hp engine).

Marine Biologist
I worked like snorkeling guide in the excursions, collaborating with Grand Blue Diving Center I organized marine biology classes, during which I explained the principal environmental features of the Red Sea and his fauna.
I managed a stand where I received customers interested on snorkeling and where I soured
informations about the fauna of the House Reef.

Marine Biologist
I worked like accompanist of divers in recreational dives. I was responsible for biological informations as marine biologist of the center. I collaborated with the staff of the center for the hospitality of the clients.

Scuba diving career
I have been patented PADI Open Water Diver in 2005; PADI Advanced Open Water Diver in 2009;
SNSI Rescue Diver in 2013; SNSI BLS First Aid (with theory on AED) in 2013; SNSI Oxygen Supplier in 2014. In 2012 I attended on a Scientifinc Diving Course at Bologna University, where I learned principal sampling techniques and how to use principal working tools.
In 2014 I attended on a Coral Identification Course with Reef Check Italy in Indonesia, where I have been patented Eco Diver.

Curriculum vitae
Since 2016 I am NADD-CMAS Divemaster and Open Water Instructor. On my logbook I have recorded more than 350 dives.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING Course on tropical coral identification and survey methods on coral
reefs. Reef Check, Bangka, Manado (Indonesia)
The course was divided in a theoretical part, based on anatomic and taxonomic features of principal groups of tropical corals, and a pratical part of Scientific diving where Reef Check survay protocol was applied. Different transect were investigated studying faunal compostition, bottom type and reef status.

I participated in the STE project, a survay of coral reefs biodiversity in Red Sea. During the sampling period I spent 3 months in Egypt (Sharm-el-Sheik and Marsa Alam) in autumn 2012 and summer 2013. I involved divers in the sampling so they became volunteers. After the dives they had to complete a schedule with 79 target organism, belonging to different taxonomics groups. I was taking part at the dives without influencing that. I have done also statistical elaboration to evaluate biodiversity values of the sampling area and the reliability of sampling schedules that I recorded during the sampling period.

Scientific Diving Course
I learned pricipal techniques of scuba diving sampling, utilization of sampling squares, gauge, manual measurement. I took part in a sea trial.

General Enquiry for Instructor Positions
I’m as Spanish diving instructor looking for a new opportunity and challenge in my diving career. I’m a PADI Tec Deep Instructor, PADI normoxic Trimix Diver and next month I’m finishing my IANTD Trimix Diver Course. I’m real interested in technical diving, so after that, by the end of December, I will move to a place where I can have the opportunity to find a job as much related as possible with it.

After some research I think that Thailand can be the place where I can increase my education and experience in technical diving, even if I’m working most of my time in recreational diving while I’m reaching the appropriate level. With this objective in mind, your dive centre in Phuket seems to be the perfect dive shop, due to your high level of education and professionalism of the team, the variety of courses offered and your flawless business development.

I’m a really hard-working team player, able to teach in Spanish and English with a lot of experience giving a wide variety of courses and specialties, and of course guiding dives with certified divers. I also have a lot of experience in equipment maintenance (Apeks and Aqualung official technician) and boat handling. I attach my complete CV for further information.

Please let me know if there is a position where my skills could fit in, I’m totally willing to obtain all required certifications, to do an internship or anything you consider for becoming a valuable member of your company. If this is not possible, any advice coming from you would also be really appreciated, considering your vast experience, because I’m moving to Thailand anyway.

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