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Master PADI IDC Guide Revision Documents


Comprehensive Collection of 25 Documents (sent via email / download)

The most complete collection of PADI IDC revision documents, This is all you need to give you an advantage in your IDC courses and exams on your IE so dont delay, improve your chances of a first time pass on your PADI IDC and IE.

Full breakdown of what you get is below but in brief you will receive:

  • 25 Revision Documents including Three Master PADI IDC Revision documents (70 pages / 90 pages and 40 pages – total of 210 pages)
  • Two Bonus Mock PADI IDC / IE Dive Theory / Diving Standards exams (120 questions with answers)
  • 5 Dive Theory Study Guides (Physics / Physiology / Skills and Environment / RDP / Equipment)
  • Lesson Plan Guides
  • Extra PADI Course Documents from Recreational and Professional courses.
  • Rescue Diver – Knowledge Review Sample Questions, Example Rescue Scenario
  • Decompression Sickness Review written and reviewed by a Dive Doctor / Recompression Chamber Doctors
  • Dive Planning Example Document
  • Sample Dive Master Knowledge Review Questions and Answers
  • Many example PADI IDC & IE Questions and Answers for your PADI courses and Exams.
  • Instructor (IDC) – Sample Questions and Answers for General Dive Safety and Knowledge review
  • Scuba Acronyms (over 300 related Dive terms that you should know)
  • Skills Videos – Demonstrated by a PADI Platinum Course DirectorA great package for every Diver / PADI DM going to their PADI IDC and IE
master padi idc guide revision documents 01Master PADI IDC Guide Revision Documents
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