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IDC Guide Recommended Products for Dive Students (Dive Masters) that want to pass their PADI IDC / IE and for Divers wanting to work as Scuba Instructors once they Pass the PADI IDC and PADI IE


Cressi Instructor Scuba Diving Set – B.C.D Regulator with 1st Stage and 2nd Stage and Octopus, Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG)

  • A Fantastic High Quality Cressi complete scuba set, ideal for IDC / Working Instructors
  • Including: BCD, Regulator and SPG
  • Cressi Scuba Set – BCD & Regulator + Octopus – Black, All sizes X-Small to XL
  • Din / Int (We Always suggest getting Int as its far more popular / common)

Cressi Giotto Dive Computer – Black/Blue

  • Dive program: full processing of dive data, including decompression if applicable, for every dive performed with air or nitrox
  • 3-button interface: effortless to program air, nitrox and gauge modes
  • High-definition screen
  • Large numerical displays
  • Log book for 70 HR or 60 dive capacity

232 Bars – John Triggerfish

Read this in three nights, its a very very funny story of how you can learn to dive while playing in Thailand ‘land of smiles’ with some very ‘interesting’ stories of what one lad got up to when let loose in Phuket while doing all his Dive training (OW, AOW, Rescue and  Divemaster) .

From a Dive Education perspective it gives you some ‘insights’ into the very many PADI acronyms that we use daily and also gives easy to digest information about dive theory topics including Physics, Physiology and RDP which certainly makes even an experienced Instructor re-think about how working ‘under pressure’ affects us. A great no-nonsense approach to learning some of the basics that we need to know / learn / practice and the reasons why they are important.

John gives really great / honest advice about healthcare while working and diving regularly that should be known to all working dive Professionals and regular fun divers alike  (these bits of advice could easily help you  avoid ear infections) that I personally suffered from, that should be followed by all budding DMs / Instructors. It actually makes me think that Course Directors should offer this among other ‘real world’ advice when running their very popular add-on courses to the IDC which are normally taken once you complete the IE.

Get this book you will love it (but you should be open minded and not easily offended / of a sensitive nature) and don’t believe everything you read, or perhaps you should.

Cant wait to read the next one ‘Produce Another Dumb Instructor’ which rather conveniently could be an acronym of PADI, which I have never heard of but have heard ‘Put another Dollar In’ a few thousand times.

Produce Another Dumb Instructor – John Triggerfish

After his near Fatal Dive Accident in Thailand on the last dive of his PADI Divemaster course / adventures in Thailand John goes back to the UK and saves up enough money to do his PADI IDC in order to become a Scuba Dive Instructor in Mexico.

For anyone that has done their PADI IDC / IE you will be captivated to hear how someone else sees their course / exams and you will be amazed at how similar (probably) your experiences are. For anyone yet to do their PADI IDC / IE in a far flug ‘Dive Resort’ you will get a big head start by reading this and hearing the ‘real’ experiences of a student trying their hardest to have pass the PADI IDC / IE.

The actual PADI IDC / Dive Journey is a collection of all the best and worst.  most interesting and most controversial elements you have ever heard of or seen as a PADI IDC Student / Dive Instructor. If only half of them actually happened then this was the most interesting IDC / First Job ever experienced by any Instructor. I personally have saved a couple of accidents / students lives (or potentially saved serious injury at best) so can imagine if you recall everything that happens to you / happens to your fellow Dive Instructors you may end up with a list of ‘unbelievable’ occurrences which has prompted myself to start thinking about documenting my personal adventures just for my own amusement, who knows I may share them on the IDC Guide website at some point in the future for everyone’s amusement. A quick journey into my memory of my own Thailand / Mexico journey gives me Naked Russian Lady Instructors / Spear Fishing / Thai Ladies wearing snorkels and masks / Mad Thai Ladies on Motorbikes  / Corruption / Incompetence / Students doing ‘impossible’ things) / Drug Dealing Expats / Drunken Instructors / Police Corruption and Jails.

John’s journey post PADI IDC takes him to a paradise beach with his comrades that ends rapidly making him take a unplanned road trip leading him onto many more adventures. The more I read these books the more I want them to be made into a film.

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