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Thailand Scuba Instructors available

We are planning to work in Thailand managing as a couple a dive center / resort and we wonder if our services could be of anyhelp to your operation.

Even though we have been working on the diving industry over the past 6 years, we both started our career as engineers and quickly grew into jobs with more responsibilities, developing our potential as leaders.

Quick and efficient, stress resistance, self initiative to handle daily problems and urgent situations.

Self-confidence, patience, understanding, enthusiasm, perseverance and a real sense of pedagogy to communicate and transfer knowledge.

Organization and coordination where essential qualities to create an easy and enjoyable work environment.

All those qualities always oriented in the main purpose to offer a high quality service to our customers.

Addict travellers and passionate by the underwater world, we decided to change our way of life and challenge ourselves to succeed in our projects.

As a French OWSI, the female Scuba Instructo practices scuba-diving since 12 years now. From spanish parents, she´s perfectly fluent in Spanish but also in English, basic level in Italian and Indonesian. She´s used to work in different dive centers in many places around the world: Panama, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Malaysia, Caribbean areas,Canada, Europe…so she has experience in many conditions and different ecosystems. She´s very sensible to marine wildlife conservation.

Hard worker, flexible but also a really friendly person, her social traits and her natural communication are efficient resources in sales and marketing. Of a patient and pedagogic nature, she transmits with enthusiasm her passion for diving to her students. Very soon, she will become a special instructor for disable people.

She used to work as base leader in different dive centers. She knows how to manage teams and handle problems. She previously got some experience in maintenance and equipment repairs.

Male Scuba Instructor currently working as a Head Instructor and DM Internship Manager in Bali. He is an IDCS, EFRI and Gas Blender. After working all over the world, he has gained experience managing a dive center, dealing with sales, logistic and overlooking staff. He is a highly motivated and responsible person that follows Padi Standards. For more than 6 years he has been taking his work in the diving industry in a very professional manner and hopes to continue to do so for many years to come.

After building our experience in the diving industry and mature our projects, we are now ready to step forward in a new adventure to reach our ambitions and expectations. We are looking to get more and more into the managing field but we don’t want to let go off our passion of diving and teaching. We are constantly looking forward to improve our skills and competences, this is why we both do technical diving and regularly take new technical courses.

We are highly motivated and excited about this future step of our lives and we deeply believe that with our background and experience we are capable of handling all the daily needs of a dive center and resort.

Hoping you’ll consider our application, we’ll be happy to give you more details and references on a future interview. Anyone wanting full CVs and pictures please email

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