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Instructor training continues

2011 has been an amazing year at IDC Guide – The number 1 resource for information on your PADI IDC for the best Course Directors in the world and information about your Dive Theory. The number of website visitors and divers / Instructors in our community keeps growing and growing (a special hello to those for whom are about to take their PADI IDC). We’re thrilled that you are a part of that, and for making our collection of the worlds best dive educators and dive theory education information what it is today.

We’ve got big plans for 2012, and look forward to hearing about more new Instructors going out there teaching new students and diving all around the world. In addition to training new divers in the pool, our IDC Guide Course Directors are active divers and are usually our diving at every opportunity – normally it’s just the big holidays they like taking off. That means whether you just want to come out and dive for fun, or continue your dive education, there’ll be a time that they will be available that fits in with your schedule. If you fancy something a bit more special, why not get in touch with our IDC Guide Dive centres and book up some Holiday diving? Perhaps you can buy someone a dive trip for a special Christmas present?

If you’ve been considering buying some new dive gear, but the cost has been prohibitive (let’s be honest, dive gear isnt cheap), this is the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on quality equipment at discounted rates as the end of season dive sales normally begin in January. If you already own gear, then having the odd spare is useful too. If you are looking for Wetsuits, BCDs or Regulators then contact your local dive centre to see when their sales begin.

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