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Its a fair bet that you found this website via the search engines and you probably saw us on Google before if you have been searching for PADI IDC, Dive Exams, Dive Instructor courses or related tersm. Our website has been established for less than 2 years and and receives an every increasing stream of diving visitors to it every month from all over the world.

People, meaning potential Divemasters and Scuba Instructors, searching for information about PADI IDC / Instructor Courses and PADI Exams generally use the Google search engine. Our PADI IDC / Dive Theory pages  are currently ranking towards the top of all the main search engines Bing / Yahoo and Google with keywords such as ‘Dive theory’, ‘PADI IDC’ and most PADI Instructor / exam related words. By advertising with us, your website will have more visibility through a direct link to your website. This means customers can contact you directly and thus eliminates a commission fee.

But what might be more interesting for you: If you care about your ranking on Search Engines, and we know you do, our diving pages currently hold  a Google Page Rank (PR) of up to 4. If you are familiar with Google, you will know why this will be a huge benefit for your own website ranking.

If PR doesn’t mean anything to you, consider this: a link from a high-ranking page to your website will automatically raise your website’s ranking on search engines, in effect transferring some of its ‘PR power’ or ‘link juice’ to your site and thus pushing it closer to the top of search results. Basically, getting a link from your own pages on the IDC Guide can attract more people to your website and improve your online business by ranking higher than your competitors.

Our minimum contract is 2 years. Full prepayment is required due to our company policy. Our Advertising Feature consists of multiple photos and up to 100 photos in your gallery and a direct link to your website. You can see a sample of these pages on the website.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact the IDC Guide for full advertising information.

We are currently only actively looking for Course Directors in the following locations:

United States

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