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cap-verde-104[Scuba Diver] Thank you for the information, I am currently just taking my Dry suit course so I can dive over winter and train my Dive master course which will lead on to my IDC/IE prep for next year.  I am hoping to be an instructor by around this time next year depending on budgets.  After that I will be looking for work abroad in climates way better than UK in both SCUBA and my main line of income web, marketing, PR and sales, so any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

My only sticking point and the thing that is slowing me down the most is there is only one dive club near me and my only means of transport is my 650cc motor bike J which is not SCUBA transport compatible in the slightest. Also being in Stoke on Trent I am somewhat land locked except the bath! I am really thinking to take my driving test and get a cheap runabout just for diving.

Anyway again thanks for all the info I am really looking forward to watching the PADI IDC revision dvd that your sending out, if you can think of anything else that is relevant please let me know.

[IDC Guide] Hi I am an IT man myself and now run a website design company  that I started after returning from running a dive centre in Phuket in 2006-7 having web and marketing skills make you very attractive as a PADI Instructor to any dive centre, you are a braver man that me as even with a dry suit my memories of Stony Cove are not great.  Good luck with your courses, diving and exams and will pass your email onto some top course directors and in time they will email you with their offers.

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