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Want a Scuba Instructor?

Posted on 2nd December 2015 at 4:07 pm

Then you should look at the PADI Job boards, great resource to finding Instructors willing to travel and work with you, here is an example exchange between a PADI IDC and an Instructor who is looking for work as a Scuba Instructor.

[PADI IDC] We are a PADI Gold Palm Resort that are listed on the PADI IDC website Choosing IDC and looking for an instructor with immediate effect until November.
We got your details from the PADI employment board.
If you are interested in coming to Gozo let us know as soon as possible and let us have your cv and we will send you terms of work etc. We look forward to hearing from you

[Dive Instructor] Hi have taken some advice about diving in your location and would be very interested in hearing your offer, I can begin almost immediatly and you will have a keen / enthusiastic instructor that would be a great asset to your team.

Currently living and working in Thailand, South East Asia, I am a loyal and
hardworking person, with excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills. I take pride in work results at the same time showing a flexible and
positive nature.

A team player with a mature attitude, I have a good sense of humor and am quick to learn new skills and practises, in your organisation I am sure I will eventually be a key team player that is a postive asset to the operation. I am outgoing and happy with a and a love of nature, diving and life. Having previous sales, IT, Business and Management experience I could be a positive addition to any Dive operation

Teaching Status MSDT Instructor
EFR Instructor
DAN Oxygen Administrator
Nitrox instructor
Photography instructor
DPV instructor
Deep instructor
Wreck instructor
Current HSE Medical
British Red Cross First Aid Certificate
Clean Full Driving Licence
Fit and in Good Health

BSc Degree – Business Information Technology
HND – Business Information Systems

Work Experience:
2006 Kata, Phuket, Thailand Daily dive instruction, mainly DSDs and OW (team teaching), Sales and service at dive centre. Equipment maintenance, tank fills, supplier liasion

2005 – 2006 UK – Divemaster Duties including dryside theory (from Scuba Review to Divemaster Trainees) pool skills workshops, Instructional assistant in Confined Water and Open Water

1994 – 2006 Working in a variety of positions in the IT industry I began as
a Computer Programmer and moved on to become IT Manager for a Software
Configuration Management Team

2000 – 2006 Computer Operations / Retail Management positions
1985 – 2000 HM Armed Forces – Communications Specialist, travelled around Europe (Germany / Holland / Denmark) working and training NATO forces in Mobile Air Operations (MAOT) in Puma / Chinook Aircraft

Extra Information:
Operating Internet based businesses I have began and continue to own and
run a small amount of ebay based businesses (Scuba Media / Scuba Supplies)
Own Dive and Camera equipment (with editing experience)
Working Part time for Adventures in Diving (UK Dive Centre) I have

[PADI IDC] I have attached the instructor contract for you to look at. Cost of living here is not expensive, the one thing that is expensive is seasonal accommodation which is why we offer our instructors subsidised apartments, you would have a small but individual apartment with a kitchen, shower room and bedsit.

We are lucky in that we are just a few metres from a sheltered bay ideal for courses, check dives and night dives as well as having a large number of shore and boat dives within 20 minutes of the base. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.
best wishes

[Dive Instructor] Wow, thats what I like to see, efficient replies and a reasonable offer, firstly I would like to know what sort of season you get there, rough dates, how many instructors and what nationalities you have and roughly how many courses / students (on average) should I expect to be teaching?

[PADI IDC] I can just give you a rough guide, We are open all year but really start just before Easter (this year we have a group arriving 25th March for which the new instructors will have to have learned at least the main dive sites) and the bulk of work is May – end October.

You would be doing a mix of accompanied dives, beginner dives and courses, plus some general work around the centre.

Courses are given according to languages but we do 300 – 400 per year, roughly.

We usually keep one instructor (plus one of the owners is also an instructor) over the winter doing a few dives but working a lot on servicing / testing of equipment, but then from March start with 3 and we have 12 or 13 in July / August we also have a resident DM who assists and also helps with cars etc.

The instructors do the filling when we are not busy but then we have a ‘compressor boy’ who comes when the instructors have a lot of dives.

Main nationalities are English, French and German but we also get Russians, Dutch, Swiss, Scandanavian Italians etc. The sooner you brush up your German the sooner you will be able to do German courses. (We have course materials in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Russian)

As you can see from the contract the more our instructors work the more money they make, in July / August they are making $300 plus every week.

We have a regular core of return staff which is very helpful but as they have other work they come later in the season. Usually we are very busy throughout October and then in the 2nd week of November go very quiet.

We do urgently need to know if you are interested and how soon you could be here.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Dive Instructor wanting Adventure

Posted on 21st July 2015 at 10:30 am

Here is a couple wanting some help in South East Asia

PADI Pro since 2006. Reached Instructor level in 2007 and IDCS level in 2008.
Specialty Instructor: Wreck, Night, Drift, Deep, Navigation, Nitrox and Sidemount.
Currently 450+ certifications issued.
Over 4200 dives
EFR Instructor
DAN BLS and CPR Instructor
MARES service engineer

The reason for our writing to you is the fact that you are a very well established Course Director in the part of the world we would like our next (long term) adventure to be. And we hope you can help us find our new adventure, since you probably know who we could contact…

We are a IDC Staff instructor 400+ certifications, 4200+ dives and a partner that is an organizational wizard, a couple that turned life around 6 years ago. We wanted to get out of the stress of our high paid jobs in search of a much simpler life. We sold all our possessions and moved to a small island in the Panamanian Caribbean (Isla Bastimentos).

We started out as a management couple for a hotel/restaurant owned by a German couple who wanted to go on a big break (1 year). When this period ended we opened our own diveshop and made this into a great success. At the end of 2013 we sold our shop to travel and enjoy a sabbatical (the shop still operates under the name. On Tripadvisor you can find reviews about us. The “earlier” ones apply to us).

Now it is time for us to find our new destiny and our eyes are set on your part of the world… (Asia anyway). We offer ourselves as a very experienced (small) resort and/or dive operation management couple. And we were hoping you might know some businesses in your area that might be looking for such a thing. We’ll be happy to send our CVs, photos and contact information to anyone who might be interested. Again, please accept our apologies for taking up your time, but we hope you can help us.

Our First Progress Update

Posted on 25th March 2015 at 10:51 pm

Found this message from 4 years ago and without giving too much away we are happy with the progress and standing of this website.

Quick update for idc-guide, sorry this has taken so long but we are busier than ever. Visitors and search engine increases are much advanced of my expectations and am confident that my 2-3 year targets are obtainable meaning lots more visitors to the site and more visitors to your sites. You should be able to see your ‘direct’ visitor numbers via idc-guide from your stats packages.

idc-guide stats
1500 for the last 30 days (this is without the 300 on the launch days when I invited via email lots of people to look at the site).
The previous 30 days 22 Dec – 22 Jan was 1550 visitors including my 300 visitors on the days of the ‘launch day’ which was 4th Jan.

Referrals from idc-guide
I will now try to send these out weekly

Search Engine Rankings
Now had the first Google meaningful ranking for idc-guide and the site has made big leaps up the search engine ladder, comparing idc-guide with our competitors we have a much broader range of search engine key terms and these terms will be increased in future to bring even more visitors to the site.

3 for ‘padi idc’
1 for ‘dive theory physics’
1 and 2 for ‘padi idc theory’
2 for ‘idc exams padi’
1 for ‘dive theory physics’
1 for ‘dive theory physiology’
1 for ‘dive theory rdp’
1 for ‘dive theory environment’
1 for ‘dive theory equipment’
7 for ‘dive skills circuit’
7 for ‘scuba skills circuit’
8 for ‘dive theory’
8 for ‘padi idc theory’
72 for ‘padi idc’
68 for ‘padi course director’ (UK only search)
1 for ‘idc exams padi’
1 for ‘dive theory physics’
1 for ‘dive theory physiology’
1 for ‘dive theory rdp’
1 for ‘dive theory environment’
1 for ‘dive theory equipment’
1 for ‘dive skills circuit’
4 for ‘dive theory’
3 for ‘scuba skills circuit’
1 for ‘padi idc theory’
23 for ‘padi idc’
24 for ‘padi course director’

World View of IDC-guide
86 Countries visited idc-guide in the last month
top ten here

United States

idc-guide IDC applications
Received 5 applications last month, there is one that is currently viable and once we agree terms I will then give you the power of veto.

After I reviewed this email I realised I should have waited until month end to keep the comparisons correct with the previous email (31st Jan) and will try to do one at the end of Feb also.