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Phuket Internship PADI Divemaster

A young male divemaster in Phuket, Thailand, working on a beach. He is wearing a wetsuit, carrying diving gear such as an oxygen tank and fins

Masters in Oceanography graduate actively seeking job opportunities
I am a 23 year old oceanography student who is motivated and passionate about the marine world. I am particularly interested in the preservation of coral reefs and sharks, and I aspire to contribute to their protection and
conservation through my studies and my future job.

Marine biology Skills
Advanced ability to observe and document marine species
behaviors and interactions in their natural environment.
Proficient in systematic collection and analysis of marine
samples for subsequent data analysis.
Certified at Level 1 in scuba diving.

I’m a student in master 2 in marine biology at the university of Liège and i m going to be graduate in August 2024. I m contacted you regarding the divemaster internship that you propose. As futur independent marin biologist I would like to conduct my own research underwater about coral reef. For that I need to gain experience underwater and have my divemaster certification.

As a student, I have more time than money that why I m looking for an long term internship where I can work in exchange of the courses from open water to divemaster and an accommodation provided. I would like to know if it’s this type of internship that you offer. If yes and that my profil correspond at this internship I would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss my application in more detail.


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