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Want to buy a Website for a Phuket Dive Centre?

Do you want to receive enquiries like this? Are you already an Instructor, want to Live in Phuket, Thailand? if this is the case look at this Phuket PADI IDC website that is for sale

Your company and courses were recommended to us by one of your previous IDC students, who is a university friend ours. We are looking for a quality instructional dive facility with optimal instructor to student ratios in order to further and begin (respectively) our PADI certifications. Our ideal timeline is between January and April 2018.

One of us is a marine biologist with her Divemaster certification with over 285 dives logged and has spent a great deal of time in different marine environments around the globe.

I, on the other hand, have no prior scuba diving experience. However, that said I have worked on the water as a commercial river guide and multi day SUP guide for over 15 years in both marine and fresh water environments. We are both avid sailors with our own boat, Canadian Commercial vessel operators permits for 15 and 40 ton vessels, completed several first aid certifications and have a high level of comfort, respect and love for the water. We are competent learners and thrive in a course type environment.

My partner is interested in furthering her DM certification to complete a full PADI IDC whilst my goal is to obtain my DM.

We would like to receive information on available course dates, costs and estimates for services and equipment included and not included. Any recommendations for long term accommodation and best locations for these would also be appreciated. We would like to leave Canada in late December up to mid January with the idea that our certification would take 10-14 weeks. We are currently exploring options and would like to have a decision made within the next 30-45 days.

We are flexible with timelines and accommodation and in the event that my certification/courses take longer then my partners, she is interested in any related work that may be available. We are excited to hear what our options are!

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