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DMT Introduction – Course Costs

Here is a sample introduction email that course directors / dive centre managers and owners could send out to potential DMTs / Instructor Candidates. It gives some idea of the costs involved in becoming a Scuba Instructor with PADI.

[Potential Candidate] Hello, I’m rescue diver with about 175 dives and would like to be an instructor. Do you have an package including dive master, assistant instructor, instructor, with accomodation If yes how many days are required? and whats your best price, obviously I am looking around but always like the sound of ThailandThanks and look forward to hearing about your course details, please give as much info as you can as I am close to deciding where to do my DM course and IDC

[Dive Centre] Thank you for contacting our dive centre and telling us you want to become a scuba instructor. Its really fantastic news that you would like to become a PADI Scuba Instructor. We have won awards for our commitment to diver training, so you have come to the right place!

Our location is a fabulous dive destination, with a year round climate and crystal clear seas. Our centre is a PADI CDC facility, the highest PADI ranked centre and our PADI Instructor team make up the highest qualified team in the country. We guarantee that you will have the time of your life with us!

We offer the PADI Divemaster as a free internship, the PADI Instructor course costs are on our website and are currently €1000 / $1300 and takes place four times a year and is immediately followed by the PADI IE. All courses are conducted on site. The PADI IDC takes place during February, May, August and November and this IDC duration is for 10 days.

The free Divemaster Internship is completed over an 8 week period and we will teach you the fundamentals of being a PADI Pro! You will gain valuable experience in assisting instructors with all PADI courses, guiding certified divers as well as the day to day running of a dive centre. During the internship you will also be taught to demonstrate all skills in the PADI Open Water course to a demonstration standard, along with being taught various areas of dive theory. This teaching will prepare you and stand you in good stead for the IDC.

If we time your internship right and as long as you have been a certified diver for six months and have logged sufficient dives, you can then immediately go on to the PADI IDC.

The materials you will require for the PADI Divemaster course are the Divemaster Pack which consists of the manuals and slates that you will use during the course. We can supply these to you at cost if you do not already have them. We can also arrange self catering accommodation locally for you. The cost of long term accommodation is approximately €500 / $650 per month, including bills. (you can bring a friend along too, diver or non-diver, to help share the accommodation costs).

Both courses do not include your PADI Divemaster / Instructor fees which are payable directly to PADI. Divemaster fees are currently €75 / $100, upon certification and PADI Instructor fees are approximately €625 / $800. You will also need to purchase the PADI Instructor manual, along with diving insurance. Also as a Divemaster intern / instructor candidate, you will be expected to have all your own dive kit. We can help and advise you on all of this if you require.

We are the only PADI Career Development Centre in our region and we have two resident Master Instructors and a Platinum Course Director (who is the only one in the Country).

Some of our diving is conducted from our 7.5 metre RIB with two dives per day. Our dive centre is situated in a Hotel  right next to the swimming pool.

Becoming a PADI instructor is perhaps not the cheapest career choice, although once qualified you can work anywhere in the world and command a great salary and the most fantastic opportunities. I hope this has helped to answer your enquiry and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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