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Bad Dive Instructors

Think you can take advantage of your employer; the Course Director or the Dive Centre? you need to think again as the dive world is a small place as these two emails demonstrate where Dive Instructors have acted with little integrity or deliberately illegally all it takes is for one dive centre owner to email all the other dive centre’s in the region / country and you will never work again.

Example email 1 – Theft from dive centre

I am writing to you on behalf of orca divers who are a five star PADi dive centre based in the UAE. We employed 2 staff members [Removed] who is a Master Instructor  (also goes by the name  john) and OWSI [Removed].

On the 3rd March 2012 neither turned up for work.  All our money which was in the till had been taken along with all our PADI learning DVDs.( Also a 40 inch TV has disappeared from accommodation that we provided for our staff.)  We had several students booked in to do dive courses at our dive centre, as we were staff short we had some angry people to persuade to come another week.

we lost one of our boats because of gross negligence on the OWSI’s part , by not taking the boat to the harbour when inclement weather was due. He also ran a red light whilst driving in Dubai on company business which entailed 8 black points, car being impounded and a big fine.

Neither of them have been seen since 2nd March 2012 and unfortunately left us with a truck load of problems. We have reported all this to the police here in Dubai who have opened a case file against them.  PADI have also been informed.

I have been told by friends that they are planning a dive career in Phuket. I know there is nothing I can do about the loss of my things etc.  I just wanted to inform you if they turn up at your dive centre.

Example email 2 – Taking clients from a dive centre

If this Instruction is on your boat or with your customers!!  He is giving your customers his phone number/business card for DIVING COURSES, LIVEABOARDS, EQUIPMENT SALES & PRIVATE GUIDING  EVERYDAY !!!!   He writes his own reviews on TRIP ADVISOR & he steals equipment off the dive boats when no one is watching.

Many instructors are guilty of this practice but this guy is  is the No.1 offender on our Island. He will blatantly steal your customers – you have been warned!!

The Instructors in Phuket is watching & looking out for your business.  Many more instructors & owners will get a name & shame email in the future – watch this space.

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