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Are you ready to be an Instructor?

If you are a conscientious and hard working individual who is able to work effectively both as an individual and as part of a team. Are you able to adapt to new environments with ease, and get on well with both colleagues and potential students alike. Do you think your teaching style could be presented in a clear and well thought out manner, and you you feel that you could be an asset to any dive school. Ideally if you also have experience of working in a dive retail shop then your future could be that of a Dive Instructor.

Just think after completing your PADI IDC with one of the top Course Directors in the world from this website you could one day be in the position of writing something like these enquiries below that will potentially lead you on to working anywhere in the world as a Dive Instructor.

I have recently returned from a two month spell in Vietnam working as a Staff Instructor and I am looking for another position in the dive industry that will benefit both myself and the dive centre that I will be working for. As well as being a qualified staff instructor I also have experience from working in a diving retail shop for a couple of months.

Im very motivated to became the very best Scuba Instructor that I can become because every day im more and more in love with the ocean I will like to live this passion teaching people diving in the amazing underwater world, im currently a CMAS 2 star diving and PADI Divemaster; I finished this year in Egypt, diving every day for 4 months with almost no days off. I completed around 190 dives in that time. I first completed my PADI Openwater certification in Honduras 4 years ago, but I did discovery dives (DSDs) before that (3 dives) I have dived in the following locations: Honduras, UK, Florida, Mexico, Kenya, Caribbean, Spain, France, Thailand (phuket and samui) and Egypt.

I am a 30 year old English Female PADI Instructor I’m looking for a long term job, and want to get higher with my diving career to the IDC Staff Instructor, or more.
I am Enthusiastic, friendly with people, and love diving more than anything, I can begin any diving employment within a short time.

The ocean, diving and water in general is a way of life for me already. It is inspiration, it is a link between people, and it is my passion.  Ever since the beginning of my diving career I have aimed to reach the highest level of this profession. I love the ocean and diving and the career I have chosen. I wish to learn as much as possible and I wish to gain as many skills as I can.

I find working with people interesting and fulfilling, as I learn from them and provide them with the unique experience of diving like I have enjoyed.

I came to Egypt as a divemaster, but on that level was and is it almost impossible to get employment. A friend of mine, a Swedish Instructor and tour guide on a day trip boat of the DSDs, recommended me to take the opportunity  (in low season) and join an IDC.

That’s exactly what I did and since year I am an Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) as wel as being an EFR and Specialty Emergency Oxygen Providing instructor. In addition I am an instructor for Nitrox /Enriched Air.

During the time as a DMT and to fulfill the 100 dives to get prepared for the IDC, I spent all the time on the above mentioned boat and support my instructor underwater (pool and open water) as well as on board. Several days when he got his days off or holidays, I stood in for him as a Tour Guide to all the dive spots around Sharm el Sheik (Egypt)

Since July I’ve been working in Honduras, for a 5 star resort hotel. During this time I did a lot of courses starting from Bubblemaker, DSD to AOW, including about 100 Scuba Reviews and Orientations  Checkdives, apart from that, during the trips to the dive sites, I was set in as the boat leader. Although I never expected by myself, I was the dive centers best seller for two months running.

I am a professional, highly motivated, enthusiastic and absolute reliable teamplayer, who loves to keep customers coming back with memorable experiences. I follow PADI standards and safety comes first all the time. I also don’t have any piercings or tattoos.

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