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Where in the World to Study?

Posted on 15th May 2017 at 2:55 pm

There is no ‘correct’ place for you to become an Instructor, perhaps this conversation will help you decide:

[Dive Students] I plan to dedicate the coming year to take the idc course along with my girlfriend so that we can both work as dive instructors later on. Firstly we’d like to thank you for all the great material you put on your website, it has already helped us a lot. If you have some additional time we would like to ask you a few more questions about the different diving centres and Dive Instructors referenced on your guide.

To give you a bit of context I’m currently an open water diver. I’ve experienced diving in the Philippines, in Thailand and in Aruba where I passed the open water certification. My girlfriend is a level 1 diver (which seems to be the equivalent of the open water certification in the French system), she has experienced diving in the French Overseas Territories, Australia, Egypt and Fiji Islands.

I’ve been a web developer for three years and my Girlfriend has been an intensive care registered nurse for eight years and we’re now looking for a lifestyle and career change. We’ve both been very keen on gaining an indepth knowledge of our respective professional areas. We would know like to put our learning appetite at the service of our common passion for diving both in theory and in practice.

We ‘re convinced that working and learning on the field and being supervised by competent mentors would be the best way for us to gain expertise in the diving area.  The is why we’re currently looking for a mid/long term full time program which could bring us from our beginner level to a skilled and experienced dive instructor level.  We dont really care of where we end up geographically, our main concern being the quality of the training. We’re thinking of finding a dive center where we could stay and learn as long as it takes to start our dive instructor career under the best possible conditions.

Given our profiles do you think that one of the instructor/program referenced on your website would be a particular good fit for us ? We’d greatly appreciate your input on that. Also we’re thinking of splitting our training into different period at different centres but we’ve read against this idea on the internet. What is your thought on that ?

Thanks again for the time you took to put all the idc guide resources online.

[IDC Guide]

Thanks for your kind words about IDC Guide and telling us about your plans, in summary here are my thoughts based on what you have told us:

1, A varied dive education in as many places as possible is really recommended, personally I done my PADI Courses in the UK, Egypt, Mexico and Thailand before working as an instructor / dive centre manager / owner in Thailand, each dive centre will try to offer you the full package (all courses through to Instructor) that could be cheaper / more convenient and quicker but at the end of it you will have less experience of places / instructors possibly, why not take a holiday in each location in your short list and do a course in each?

2, Location, even though you say location isnt important you need to think about the option of working after the course and clearly more popular dive locations will have a better potential to work there once you have qualified, as an Instruction looking for work and a dive centre owner I know that you have a lot of competition, as a new inexperienced Dive Instructor, and normally the dive centre will only give work to Instructors they know / trust or have experience of, additionally each location has different working / work permit requirements that you need to consider when deciding on a location to work.

3, As a web developer you will be more attractive to dive centre owners as they will always be open to updating / improving their own websites and that is how I got into website design actually (by improving / updating the dive centre’s website during quiet times), that is my full time job now and have built / promoted the IDC Guide and other dive centre websites due to the connections I made while working as an Instructor.

4, All the IDCs on the website are from experienced / recommended Dive Centres / Course Directors and I agree this training with the right mentor is key to gaining the right start, choose any of the ones listed for the most impressive / experienced PADI Dive Instructors in the World. Hope this helps

[Dive Students]

This is the email we are going to send:

We’ve read about your training program and its philosophy on . It seemed really appealing to us and we’d like to know if there was any opportunity to be trained in your facility.

Do you have a kinda zero-to-pro program ? We could not find the informations on your website.

What do you think would be the best package for us and what would be included in it?

How much would it cost for both of us?

Do you have a job assistance program for newly graduated instructor?

What is the “pass ratio” of your program? Do all candidates have successfully passed the IDC?


Thanks a lot for your valuable insights. It has made us think again about the schedule we had in mind. In terms of locations we’re now focused on Central America, even if we have not completely abandoned the idea of also going to South East Asia. We’re currently getting in touch with Andy from Utila, Georgia from Costa Rica and Ash Mcknight from Cayman.

We’re also trying to figure out how we could split our training in different facilities with different instructors. As open water divers,  our current plan is to go to Central America and start out with instructor Ash McKnight to reach the advanced diver level. Then we’d like to go to go from advanced to divemaster or rescue diver with Georgia King. After that we would like to get some professional experience as divemaster/rescue diver before continuing all the way to instructor with Andy Phillips. We ‘re still wondering if we could split our training even more by swinging by Europe at some point and learn some speciality courses with Steve from the UK.

We still have a long way to go but you’re inputs have probably put us on a better path to become truly competent instructors compared to what we had in mind in the first place so thanks again for that.

DM / Dive Instructor Internships

Posted on 12th May 2017 at 4:57 pm

It is quite a few people’s dream to learn to dive / learn to teach diving and to be paid for it, if you want to apply for an Internship firstly you will be lucky to find a dive centre that will accept you but if you want to try via email, the following two advances could be used as a basis for your intial enquries, we recommend you attach a diving photo of yourself and CV.

1, I am a CMAS* diver with plans on continuing my diving education. I have regular dives planned where I live, as well as two diving trips to Greece and Croatia later in May and June. I plan to do my CMAS** in June.

I understand that you have a CMAS*** internship available. I am interested in this and would like to know more about your criteria for applying and whether I could be a potential candidate, and potentially what I could do to better my prospects. Are there employment opportunities after successful completion of the internship? Any information on this would be much appreciated.

2, I’m studying in a Business school (INSEEC) in Lyon, France and I search an internship for minimum 2 months between the 15th may and the 31th august.

I know that you have taken interns last year and it’s the reason that I send you an e-mail today with my resume and my cover letter. I hope that my application will be interest you, I really want to work with your company, I find that it’s really interesting. I search an internship in marketing or sales field because I want to develop my skills in these sector.

Phuket Website For Sale

Posted on 27th April 2017 at 2:59 pm

Here is a recent email sent to Phuket Dive Businesses regarding the possible sale of established website Scubacat.

Hi as an established Phuket Dive Business you will no doubt be aware of Scubacat and the recent difficulties the business faced. The good news is that the website / domain is to be sold now and I really hope this will be of interest to you as you are a Thailand Based tourist business, if this is not of interest please forward to anyone you think could benefit from this website sale. domain / website / email accounts for sale
The sale can be with or without a website design / update / website promotion agreemment.


1 20 year old domain / website
2 Regular bookings / emails / enquires from old / new customers /  divers
3 Full Website stats going back 10 years
4 Average Website visitors over 30,000 per year
5 Existing Email account with existing enquiries
6 Ranked very well for diving terms in Phuket
7 Nearly 2000 pages indexed in Google

Any potential sale will include the domain / website and name / branding / logo etc. It could include contact details changes / full website redesign / promotion.

The sale will be managed by James at Delicious Webdesign who are the existing website design company who can make any changes needed as part of the transfer, the existing website performance and future performance, with any upgrade / improvement the site will and can only improve if its done intelligently and correctly.

If you look at the website stats since the website was created you will see it consistently brings in healthy visitor numbers, once serious interest is shown its possible that we can provide you with a website stats report for the site over the last 7.5 years that proves the good performance of the site.

As there is currently no telephone number on the site, removed as a temp measure, we don’t know how many phone calls / skype calls it would have had but in terms of email enquiries we
have regular real enquires in the last month (courses, dives etc from UK / South Africa / Indonesia and China). You will get full access to the old emails the day we agree terms and you make the transfer payment.

If you would like us to redesign / update / improve the website that we believe would be important to make it future-proof more search friendly we will have to discuss then and will have to consider what design you want / what content changes you want / what extra functionality you want etc etc. The site is very large (nearly 2000 pages) including galleries so any full redesign will be a big project.

Updating site to reflect changes of ownership and updates on courses /dive sites: happy to include a few hours of updates / changes as part of the website purchase agreement but be good to know how many courses / dive sites need updating, if its every course / every dive site then     that is a massive amount of courses / sites (all PADI courses) that Icould suggest would be better updated by yourself once the site is converted to the new ‘Responsive’ site that is also content managed (so you can update all the pages / photos / sections / menus etc yourself if you wanted to) in practice most of our clients still get us to update their pages by providing us with a word document of detailed changes page by page.

As part of the redesign / website improvements we would suggest a project to relaunch /  promote the site but I would also suggest that the redesign / update / improvement of the site should be what we  should focus on initially, the SEO improvements from this new content managed / responsive site are ‘automatic’ and included in the redesign, so initially If the site gets redesigned with us doing it ‘correctly’ and you adding content and news that is a massive boost / improvement the site and SEO.

Full website redesign / update / improvement: This depends on the design requirements / functionality requirements / updates / improvements / changes you want, we have to consider the site is already very large and if you simply gave us a creative licence to use the    current content and migrate it to a new Responsive / Content Managed website this would be the most straight forward redesign but believe now is the time to evaluate / improve / update the site to make it the best it can be for website users / search engines. We would be happy to accept a deposit and then a monthly charge to make this more affordable for your business model. Perhaps its better to tackle the sale of the site with the essential updates first then we can concentrate on making the site ‘great’.

So in summary you will be acquiring an 20 year old / 2000 page website with unique content, that has typically 2500 visitors per month with a  constant enquiry stream and we will update the site to reflect the new address / owners / phone details and give you full access to
existing / new emails and will also setup the email account for you remotely if you want.

Will also provide a document with email access details so you can add emails on more devices (phones / tablets) if needed.