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PADI 5Star IDC Enquires 3

Really interesting sample enquires sent to Thailand and Vietnam dive centres, take a look at some of the things you will be expected to know and answer.

1, I am currently a Master Scuba Diver Trainer working and taking my IDC staff instructor course at Rainbow divers in Nha Trang Vietnam. Im looking for employment in Vietnam as an diving instructor and was wondering if you have any work available?
thank you for your time,

2, how are you?? am still working in Krabi just now, going to move on at the start of June, had so sooo much fun hear and learned so much in teaching, its got to be the best job ever!! 🙂  Can you do me a big fever 🙂 can I do my  MSDT with you, I think I have around 30 OW certs, if its ok can you pay for it and send me the bill 🙂

How is your 5 star PADI Centre going? am thinking of coming over to do my IDC staff at some point this year 🙂

Do you recommend we bring a wetsuit or do guys normal just use shorts – if so short/long?
During our time there, will we do any open water dives – if so roughly how many?
What are the daily start and finsh times roughly?
Are there safe boxes in the rooms?
how many other people have confirmed for the june/july course

3, I will be finishing my degree in adventure tourism management in June and was hoping to begin a career in diving. I am currently PADI advanced open water qualified and do the majority of my diving in the UK. Could you please tell me how much it is likely to cost to become an instructor and how long the course takes? I also read something about dive internships on your website, any information on that would be greatly appreciated.
it seems the dive shops here are over staffed for the low season. I could stay but doing nothing will drive me crazy. So I am going to fulfil my reservations and head home for the summer in the US. I will be back next season! Love this life style. Wish I had not waited so long.
I will be in Vietnam on May 2nd on the late ferry – 4:30 to pick up my bag. Can I give you the cash for the BCD then? Also, can you recommend a taxi for the trip to the airport – flight at midnight.

4,  Two of my staff are interested in the IDC, EFRI, followed by the IE. Two boys who both did DM here with us..They don’t want to do any other courses and they have been speaking to other places about doing it with them.

Can you tell me what you can offer for them as I do not want them doing it there. If you could tell me what materials they need ( absolutely must have) and the cost involved, I will try and get them to do it with you in Phuket. It is the usual situation, not much money on them and they are looking at OWSI pulling them out of their financial mess.  Your next course runs in October?  I hope all is well and you are not killing yourself with overworking there.

5, I am currently doing an article about different jobs that allow you to see the world.  I was wondering if you might be able to tell me some different salary amounts the Divemasters are paid in Thailand.  I will not include the name of your company if you do not want or I will include it if you would like some free promotion.  The article will be posted on one of the largest Backpacking Travel Blogs on the internet.  I understand that the salary might not be a lot but feel free to include any other benefits of being a Divemaster.  Thanks a lot!

6, I was wondering if it is possible to change my IDC from August to September. The reason for this is that I want a bit more time to make up the extra dives. You see my original plan was to get to Phuket around the 6th of July and go to a Muay Thai training camp for the 3 weeks before the IDC would start and also make up the dives when I had some time off that. But now I’m thinking that will be a bit too intense so an alternative I have thought of is (if possible) moving the IDC back to Sept and spend a month doing the Muay Thai and then a couple of weeks of pure diving before the Sept IDC starts. I think this is a better plan as I will will be able to focus on both fully without worrying about tiring myself out. Please let me know if we can arrange this.

7. How are you today busy as ever i think!!!! But i would really like to start to work asap maybe a resort or liveaboards, would be good. I know with other things going on in your life you are very busy, but i know you have lots of contacts which you could put me in contact with. As we agreed before i arrived to thailand you would find a work placement for me. Which i would be forever grateful for.
Anyway have a great day  and see you soon with hopefully good news.

8, How are you doing this week?  I’ve been enjoying showing my Mom around Patong. I want to shoot you a quick email to find out how much it would cost to do my IDC with you.  I’ve been thinking about sending this letter out and wondering what will happen in the event that I send it and they do not comply.  Then what?   Then I really won’t want to go back. So I’m trying to figure out what my losses would be.  You sounded confident that I will be able to get some cooperation, but I’m a little weary about it to be honest.  And if they don’t comply… and I have to take it up with PADI, it may take some time to get reimbursed.  I will go ahead and cancel my enrollment for the June IDC with Mermaids

9, One of our Divemaster is planning to upgrade his PADI Pro status and to do IDC. We would like to know what is your IDC price for us – do we get any comission/discount if we send him to you. The IDC he is looking for starts 26 of November. Is there still room available?

10, How are you? I am doing well and am back in S.E. Asia, currently in Malaysia and I am heading up to Thailand later today. I am going to stay on Phi Phi for a couple of nights then get to Phuket on Friday. You said before that you could book me a cheap room for a couple of nights in Phuket so I was wondering if you could still do that. Also, do you know of any places I could stay close to Tiger that would be cheap for a month??

I do have a slight problem though concerning the diving, I had quite a bad problem with my sinuses while I was in the Perhentians which meant I couldn’t dive – very annoying. So I am still some way short of the 95 dives that I need. When I get to Phuket I am going to have to go see a doctor about it as the problem is still persisting. So provided that I get the go ahead from the Doc we’ll need to come up with something so I can get a ll those dives in. If you could give me your number I can call and we can come up with something.

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