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Dive Centre Enquiries 1

Lots of random queries to look over

1 Please can you tell me if you offer the new PADI TecRec courses? If not, do you offer any other technical diving courses by other training agencies, If so which ones?

2 A few years ago I decided to create a site that will be the best repository of knowledge for the PADI IDC Course and exams and now it ranks high in
Google for the keyword PADI IDC. That site became IDC Guide and
now it has been first in Google behind PADI’s own website for the last 3 years.

Now the idea is to make that site 1st in Google for the top keywords related to Divemaster Courses around the world.  That’s why I want to invite you today to the pre-launch of my new website If you are a divecenter you can submit your course. I will not be accepting new submissions after the 1st of June, in the meantime, during this week we will be improving the site before our launch on the 3rd of May.

My idea is to offer the top 100 dive centers in the world, offering
Divemaster Courses, so far after just 3 hours of the Pre-launch we already have 15 dive
centers. The cost is $10 per month but only if you join before the 3rd of May
Then the price will increase. So now is the best time to join.

Check the site and jump aboard before I close the doors and the price increases. To your success in scuba marketing.

3, I’ve been doing some research and thinking and am back to Vietnam.  I don’t fancy doing the IDC here in Malta in November in a dry-suit etc.  I think I will get to Vietnam around the 6th Sep (as I have a visa to use).

I will be coming with my partner so I would be able to sort out separate Cheap accommodation.   I would be doing I think the Oct IDC so I could come and pay everything at the beginning of September so I think I could qualify for the early bird and cash discounts.  I would like to do the MSDT option.  Could you do me a net price of the course including the discounts, without accommodation  Also as I would be there a few weeks early could I help out as DM / shop etc to get more experience and prove myself before the IDC?

4, As you know, i will be arriving in Honduras on the 24th of october and staying until november 22nd. i am pretty sure that as i am staying less than 30 days that i dont need a visa, can you confirm this? also, am i still sweet to be picked up at the airport on the 24th?

basically what i need to know is the total remaining amount i owe (msdt, accommodation, boat fees & packs – not padi fees) and the best way for me to transfer the funds? am i still eligible for the early bird and paying cash discounts?

the 5 specialities i was thinking of were: deep, drift, wreck, photography and nitrox. what do you reckon?

one other thing, as my cpr will be over 24 months old upon my arrival, do you still include the refresher? is there anything else that you think i should know? i will also speak with the airlines to see what my baggage limits are in regards to bringing my dive gear, clothes, etc.

lastly, due to my situation back here in Australia, i was wondering if you would be able to provide some sort of official letter of enrolment for the course dates so I can show that my trip is actually for study and not entirely pleasure? I am just trying to make sure that i have everything covered and that its all sorted, thanks for everything mate and look forward to hearing from you soon!

5, I have been a certified diver since 1997.  I will be 50 years old this August. I’m in great shape. My question is, will a dive shop hire me as an instructor at my age. I am currently taking the PADI dive master. I have been to Florida a few times and would love to move there and work as a dive instructor. I would like to take the IDC in Florida with you.

6, We are an experienced and enthusiastic Instructor couple dreaming to work in Thailand. We are currently in Indonesia and looking forward to our next challenge. We contact you to know if you have an open position for a couple or if you will have one soon.

I am a PADI Staff Instructor, EFR Instructor and Nitrox Instructor and UW videographer. I speak Spanish and English fluently. My partner is a PADI Staff Instructor, EFR Instructor, Nitrox Instructor, DAN Oxygen Provider Instructor and Gas Blender Instructor. She speaks Dutch, French, German, Spanish and English. We are highly motivated and love to work as part of a team, knowing new places and new people. We can bring you professionalism, hard work and excellent interpersonal skills. We take this job very seriously because is our career not some temporary job.

If you are interested, we’ll send you our full CV’s with picture and references

7.  Thank you my friend.
I’m sorry that I’m not going to be able to do my Rescue Course with
you… I’ll have to come back and do that.

As I am leaving Thailand next month I need to sell *everything*, so I would
really, really appreciate it if you could forward this email to all of your
Phuket contacts. Perhaps they are interested in subletting my house, buying
the contents, buying my company or buying my truck.

Two year-old 2M baht registered company for sale (available from July
Setting up a new company would cost a little more but can take 3 or more
months to execute.
-company is registered so that any business is includeable to purchase
-1 Thai staff with social security paid
-Thai director NOT required – owner has all signing privileges
-3 share holders (1 Thai, 1 foreigner + owner)
-eligible for one work permit
-year end is each December
-change from current name (if desired) would cost 1,000b, but is not
required to run it
-monthly carrying costs are 7,400b; year end fee for auditor’s report is
17,000b each January
-two years of legal auditor’s reports

Truck for sale (available July 15th)
-1991 Mazda Familia 1400E
-5-speed manual
-aircon; no radio
-body in decent condition (no major rust) but front bumper dented on
right-hand side
-regularly serviced (can recommend excellent English-speaking mechanic)
-insurance paid up until 11 Dec 2010
-registration paid up until end of 06 Dec 2010
-transfer of ownership fee is 505baht

House for rent in Nai Harn/Rawai on Soi Kok Yang (available July 15th)
-8,500 baht per month unfurnished (I am selling all the contents and will
put up another post very soon)
-two bedroom, two bathroom (one bedroom more “liveable” than the other)
-roughed in for air con in one master bedroom (you need to buy your own
-walled garden
-dogs and cats OK
-carrying costs: telephone 107b; very reliable high-speed *wireless*
internet and cable tv already installed 1750b (I will cancel if you don’t
want it); electric runs around 700b (note: without aircon)
-covered car-port for one car
-reliable cleaning lady contact available
-excellent landlord – I’ve never had any issues with the house or owner
-Note: you would sublet from me until September 30 and then pay the landlord

8 , It’s going alright here in Pattaya.  I enjoyed helping out on the last Divemaster course. Unfortunately I am not going to be on the May IDC due to a head cold, but instead I will be in Phuket for a month getting better and having fun!  I leave tomorrow, the 5th.  So call me up when your in town if you like. I’ll be there with three friends for the first two weeks and my Mom for the second two weeks, then back to Pattaya on June 5th.

9, I am a divemaster and i am very interested in doing IDC. Could you please send me the price, including all fees, material costs, etc?  I would like to have a total price for the whole IDC. I might also be interested in MSDT. My father certified as an OW diver a month ago and is going to Koh Samui for the holidays in August. Do you have any recommendations regarding which dive centers he can go to and the ones he should avoid?

10, I am compiling accessible travel guide for the Khao Lak area so that travellers with disabilities and older travellers will have a list of activities, accommodations, services and operators that are able to cater to their specialized needs.  Hopefully this will lay the foundation for travel agents and others to offer more accessible tours in southern Thailand.  Wanted to talk to you about the services that you are able to offer divers with disabilities and older divers.  Are you able talk over the phone for 15 minutes to discuss my project and your services?



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