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PADI 5Star IDC Enquires 2

Here is another list of course requests / job requests that you could receive while working as a dive instructor / Course Director

1, I have my open water, and would like to start a career in the diving industry. I am trained as a cameraman, having shot various shows, wildlife reality, short films and features. I now want to specialize in underwater, but in doing so take a break from camera work for a while. I can afford around $1500 USD. And I ll be willing to do my advanced and rescue down here in South Africa. I would like to do the appropriate courses that can place me in a pay position at a dive charter company. If they do underwater video that would be a huge bonus.

2, Hi I want to qualify as an instructor over Christmas, as i have a month off – from the 11 Dec and 8th Jan. the dates are fixed and I’m having trouble finding an IDC that fits!! My boyfriend wants to do the course with me, he is a PADI Divemaster, but is doing the AI before we would come out, so would be an AI too. I would most like to come and help out on a few courses and do a week or so of training/diving before starting the training – this was how i trained for my AI. Also, I will be claiming for the course with enhanced learning credits from the British military, so need to start organising asap.. Please let me know if you will be able to get us diving and qualified up between the 11th Dec and 8th Jan.

3, Hi I would like to become a PADI Divemaster and then instructor. I was wondering how much this costs, and whether you do internships for either or both and then onto MSDT? I have actually completed ¾ of my Divemaster, with only the inwater assisting to do (I’ve done the exams, skills and guiding). I was wondering whether you do referrals, or whether I would have to start the whole course again? If you did referrals, how much would it cost to complete the final part of my course? I was wondering if you could also tell me how much it costs to live (accommodation and food) in your area? I plan to be RYA2 powerboat qualified when I leave the UK in November 2010 or January 2011, I was wondering whether there are any other qualifications and skills that would help me with my dive career? How easy is it to find an instructing job once qualified? Thanks very much for your time.

4, I have been a resident of Thailand for the last 4 years and am an Advanced Open water diver with near to 400 dives in 15 countries, including dives in the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian oceans from Venezuela, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba, Bonaire, Croatia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, I have been working with an oil company  and with my contract is ending on Oct 1 after 11 years, I would like to start a Dive master course with your company on Oct 1 and complete by the 13th of October if this is possible. Also, I am amenable to doing the rescue diver course before October if it is available in say the second half of September. Please confirm that you have DM courses available at this time, and what the price would be with your organization and any other incentives I should consider in doing my DM with your company Lastly, as an alternative, I could be amenable to taking a variety of specialty courses, during this period,

5, Hello! I’m planning on doing the IDC in Phuket later this year, probably around early December. I am a finish PADI Divemaster and a CMAS ***. I am looking for the most basic instructor rating, I have no need for specialities like Nitrox, efri or anything else. However, a prep of some sort might be of value. I am also looking for an “all inclusive” package, I would not like to look for a place to stay or anything like that. I’d like to come there, register, do the IDC, finish the IE successfully and then move on. What kind of a package would you have on offer for me? And what would be the cost? I would like to know all the costs I will have to deal with in order to be an instructor: The course fees, PADI fees, Material costs, equipment costs, costs for possible boat trips (and are they needed and essential) and the cost for accommodation if you can provide that. DAN insurance? Am I covered during the course or do I have to take care of that in advance? And finally, why should I choose your facility?

6, I am looking to upgrade my open water course to the PADI Divemaster to pursue a career in diving . Thailand is the location where I would love to be as I obtained my open water course there and love the country. Can you give me any information on any current positions available or the near future?  Also, you mentioned guys use 5mm full suits on the IDC – I really didn’t realise it got cold enough require such a thick suit.

7, How are your numbers looking for the September Divemaster course? I may fly my wife and baby out there for a week or two during the course, would it be possible to have my own room for those weeks (obviously paying in a bit extra for having the whole room)? All going well i should be able to book shortly

8, We are two Turkish padi instructor looking for job in Thailand , I’m 27 years old and diving since 1998 and padi instructor since 2002  , i’m going to have my IDC Staff Instructor certificate in November , i have more then 5.000 dives and 250 course experience . My friend going to be Padi Open Water Instructor in November , he is 23 years old and diving since 2002 . We both speak fluent English. If you have any empty position in your diving centre at least one of us we would like to get information about it . We can send our CVs if you are interesting.

9, Hi I was looking at your website. I currently have my AOW and am interested in doing DM and possibly Instructor. Do you have any packages available? I would like to take my time doing it so I an get experience and learn more verse 10-12 days. I have done 30 dives so far and am very anxious to continue my dive education. Could you let me know what your costs are and how your course works.

10, I have now completed my SSI divecon (dm and ai) and will finish my PADI dm this month. So I am approaching that time where I need to be finalizing my course preparation as well as booking flights and accommodation.

So course selection- I think I want to do the following:
IE (so IDC prep, IDC, OWSI, EFRI and IE)
MSDT preparation
Specialty Instructor Training for
Emergency o2 first aid
Wreck diver
Night diver
Deep diver
Enriched air diver
Search and recovery diver
AED instructor distinctive
First aid for hazardous marine life
O2 first aid distinctive
Equipment specialist
Underwater navigator
Drift diver
Boat diver
Multilevel diver
Digital underwater photographer
(15 in all)

Quite a bit I guess. The first 5 specialities are essential, but I would really like to all 15 if time permits.

I am hoping to come over for 28 days, starting the first course after Christmas day.

So a few questions if I may?

How much will 1, 2 and 3 cost?
When is the first course after Christmas day?
How much of 3 do you think I can achieve in the timeframe I have?

Sorry for all the questions (again) but I have a changed things a bit from the last time we spoke (ie no rebreather stuff)

I need to get the Nitrox slates and the DSAT slate for the Nitrox instructor course. I guess I need the manual crew pack?  Need them Tuesday as I am leaving Wednesday. Is that possible?



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