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Dive Centre Enquiries 2

More Example Enquiries for you to review that you could expect once you open a dive centre.

I am a working SDI Divemaster (in California) and beginning technical diver. I am interested in pursuing additional professional development, specifically an SDI instructor course (and possibly some TDI technical training), but noticed that your website does not appear to list course pricing for SDI and TDI courses. Do you have a price list for SDI/TDI training that you can send me? I am open to the idea of spending some time in Thailand for training.

I would like to upgrade some of my certs. what is your price for a full cave Instructor? i do not have any cave certs yet, due to lack of caves here in Egypt. thank you very much.

Hi, may I ask you some information? 1. Can I have the price list for one day trip? I plan to go trip on Saturday 1 Sept 2. Is there any quota how many diver should join to conduct the trip? 3. Is there any prior reservation for dive? Thank you for your kind attention.

Could you please tell me how much these courses would be 1. TDI Deco + Advanced nitrox 2. Dive master (how long does it take? I can do the theory online) 3. TDI cavern, intro cave + Full cave.

I have learned in diving in Bali this august by another diving girl who has recognized my tee shirt of your dive centre. We have dived with you in August 2011 , he has made passed certificate to my wife, we went to kao sok together. Can you give me details of liveaboards you can offer us now?

Dear Team i am diving since more than two decades’ open system and have now found some spare time in my life to learn something new. i want to have a look in the tech diving segment. i am planning to be at your spot around 10 days or so, at the moment i am flexible with the exact time. i am not fixed with the diving agency, but would prefer CMAS. it depends what system allows the most benefits for training and certification i can gain during the stay. it is clear to me that i am not in the position to run from beginner level to instructor during that period of time – but for sure i would like to compress as much as makes sense in this trip 😉 the days i gave to your request form 10-20 September are only as an example, again i am flexible here. thanks for your quick feedback.

I am a dive master and i have more than 500 dives. I would like to do the course to become an instructor. I’m interested to follow to course with you. How much does it cost and how long does it take?

Hi tech staff, I would like to know if you can do SM cave diving while doing your deco course, as I want to log more cave dives, but need to also formally do deco courses that I have done informally in cave. I do not have 100 cave dives yet, but that is my goal for Cavern Instructor – can you do the course while still having to log more dives, then certify later once you have the 100 dives?

Looking to get open water certified. Heard you have good rates on group classes. Would like to hear what the options are. I am not with a group but would like to join one for the training. I would like to do the class work ahead of time if possible the do a two-day dive training. Is this possible?

I would like to do some fun dives in Phuket. Ideally, I would like to do some wreck dives on something other than the King Cruiser, or if diving the KC to be able to penetrate the wreck. I am travelling on my own and will need to arrange accommodation and diving. Are you able to help me? Thanks.

Is it possible to book an advanced wreck course during these dates? Can you please let me know as soon as possible as i require book and price and how to pay?

I’m arriving in Phuket on the 20th of October (tomorrow) around 1PM, staying in the Cape Panwa until the 22nd of October, when we are going to Phi Phi staying at the Outrigger. On the 24th at 9PM I’m flying back home, so my last dive can’t be after the 23rd. That said, I’m looking forward to do a more advanced course (I’m just level 1 in open water, with only 7 dives in total) if the short time allows to do so. Can you recommend me something? Thank you in advance, regards

I’m planning a trip to Khao Sok for some diving. Since I’ll be there for a few days, I’m wondering if it’s possible to take a TDI Cavern Course during this period. Travel period is slightly flexible. Also, what is the cost for the full course?

Hi there, I am planning to come over in about 2 weeks’ time and I am thinking of getting my cave certification. If I want to do TDI cavern, Introductory cave & Full cave in the same time, how long is it going to take and how much is it going to cost? Please note that I will be in Phuket for 16 days but I will not be available for the whole period, my girlfriend will visit me between 30 Nov to 4 Dec, so that I won’t be able to train on those days. In short, I only have about 8 days. I am TDI advanced trimix diver with my own tec gear. Looking forward to hear from you

I am a PADI MSDT who use to work in Phuket for 4 years with Colona, at the moment working as manager in Maldives for 2 years. I take some Tech courses (up to TDI Extended Range) several years ago in Egypt but I didn’t dive tech since then. I would like to become Tech Instructor how do you advise me to proceed? What your schedule and prices? What about the equipment? I have with me the BCD (but not the wings) 1 regulator DIN, Wet S., Fins, mask

i am interested in doing the scuba tank visual inspection coarse i am in Koh Samui so can come any time can you let me know the price and when your next course is.

Hi I am wondering whether ocean zone is still operating. I completed my open water qualification here, and I am looking to bring a party of 12 to become qualified up to the same qualification.

I am keen to do Intro to Cave / Full Cave in March 2013. Can you share a few more details? I have done TDI’s Cavern course and GUE fundamentals previously. Thanks for your feedback,








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