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Dive Centre Enquiries 1

Here are a selection of random dive centre enquiries that you could be presented with, the purpose of this list is to give potential Dive Instructors / Dive Centre Owners an idea at the variety and volume of enquiries that you can expect to receive via social media and email.

I am in Phuket for 2 weeks in November, I was interested in doing some dive training while I’m there, do you offer DSAT 40 or Tec 40 CCR training. If so how much would it cost and how many days would it take to complete?

I am a in Chalong, Phuket. I hold a Master of Science degree in Marine Biology. I would like to apply for part-time (weekend) work with your organisation both at recreational and technical levels. I have instructing, commercial, and technical diving experience. I would be interested in furthering my experience in all fields while diving with your organisation. When would be a good time for me to bring my CV to you? I am looking forward to meeting your team. Please let me know if require any further information. Thank you for your time,

I will be in Phuket around the end of July. I would like to do the course TDI “advanced WRECK”. My diving profile is: – PADI : OW/OWA/EFR/RESCUE/MSD – PADI SPE : NITROX/NIGHT/WRECK/DEEP/PPB/Twinset Fundamentals – CMAS : 3* – TDI : NX ADV/DECO PROCEDURE/EXTENDED RANGE – Around 75 scuba dives Is it possible to do this course in 3 days? How much is it? including book, certification, transfer to hotel, meal… and rental of regulators/tanks/BCD/tek computer. I will bring my own equipment wetsuit/fins/mask.

What are the costs and time (in days) to achieve a technical diving certification. I would prefer to do it through SDI/TDI and not PADI, due to the focus on dive computers.

will be visiting Phuket, for the first time, 5 – 18 July for my 25th wedding anniversary; however, that’s what it is and not a honeymoon, so lots of time for diving! Just to give you a little background; I am an ex-Royal Navy Clearance Diver of 30 years, now living/working in the Middle East, Qatar as a Military Instructor/Advisor. I am also a PADI and TDI Instructor, but part-time and very inexperienced.

Hi How much would a cave diving course cost me. Please advice costs inclusive of equipment rental and gases (do no need dive computers…have a VR3). Are 4 days enough for the course. Looking forward to hearing from you

I am interested in your rebreather courses and maybe a trimix too

I am interested in a SDI instructor course. Are they available on individual schedule oder only fixed schedule? How does a SDI IE work is it available any time on request or are there fixed dates? How much is the instructor course?

We are one instructor (CMAS/TDA) and one AOWD (PADI) and we are looking for daytrips out of Chalong. We would like to go to Hin Deng/ Hin Muang and the other common dive sites (eg King Cruiser, Shark Point etc.) As TDA instructor I am well known to all Phuket dive sites and don’t need a guide. Can you send me some information about your diving trips and prices? In total, we are looking for ten diving days. Thanks for your help.

I live near Chalong, I am qualified through BSAC to 50 meters, Air or nitrox. My question is would I be allowed with yourselves to dive up to this depth or would I need a PADI qualification which costs!! I usually dive with 15 lt and pony but would like to try a twin. I have seen enough fish in 35 years of diving and wish to dive some of the wrecks off Phuket. I have dived King Cruiser now many times!!! Looking at coming in January with a friend who is qualified to 85 meters.

Hello there i would like to enquire about cave diving. The dates scheduled for us to arrive in Bangkok is on the 19th of August -2012 . We will be heading back to Dubai on the 25th but we need to visit the local markets and the tiger temple as well . Hence we would be looking at 3 days and 3 nights . Kindly also advice for accommodation and cave diving course. We both are PADI Advanced level with deep + wreck (nitrox from TDI) spec Full name as per Padi records.






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