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Big Trouble in Thailand

This overview of a ‘friend’ is a warning not to give the authorities in the place you work as a diving instructor any reason to detain you as their justice system will probably be a lot worse than the country that you originate from.

2008 – This is A Tricky Situation for me I hope that you are well? I have been hammering the job market for over 1 year and finally have nailed down a real job in Europe building ships & containers. Free training, Well paid and permanent. The chicken & egg situation is simple. I need to call in a favour. Can you please loan me some money to get my airfare and some cash in hand for living expenses for 1 month? I have never ever burnt anyone by not repaying a loan. I would not be asking you for this help if I had alternative options. My parents are at retirement age but cannot afford to retire. Its low season here & my work has dried up. This job can change my life. I hope that my request for help doesn’t damage our friendship.

2009 – I’m working hard over here in Holland. Things are slowing a little bit. I just took a drop in my hourly rate. How are you doing? I’m not sure where my life is headed for now. I’m seeking software roles as I’m just spinning my wheels with the pay I’m on. I’m seeking work in the Caribbean & South East Asia as well. I’m still receptive to Oil Rig work as well. I really feel priviledged by your invitation to your Birthday mate. Thank-you! I can only hope that I progress in my work and can make it but I’m pretty certain that I won’t be able to make it. My thai girlfriend wants to join me here but I’m thinking they won’t be able to hack it with the cold & the lifestyle changes. We’ll see.

I am tempted to just head back to Phuket & persist on finding a path towards making a living. Time will tell. Funny thing I used to stick out in the UK as a foriegner. Now after being away from the US for 10 yrs I’m recieved here as a foreigner. Sureal.

December 2010 – Bangkok Hilton – I’m Sorry I Was Out Of Touch. How’s your life mate? Family life, work? I’m in the US for the moment. I guess I should update you.

I had an old case (only one in my life) I know I spoke with you about it, from years ago in the UK. It involved a punch up / fight, me against three. I was attacked and I defended myself. Two lengthy trials of which I lost the second trial and whilst on bail I relocated to Thailand. In my first trial I was acquitted of 2 charges of assault out of 3 charges and after 3 days of jury deliberation the jury was hung on the 3rd charge of GBH. In my second trial, a retrial I was found guilty of GBH. Whilst on bail prior to sentencing I relocated to Thailand and was ‘at large’ for a few years.

A Very long boring story.

Whilst flying from North America to Phuket, Thailand I was detained upon entry into Thailand on an Extradition warrant issued by the UK, I spent 6 months inside Thai Prison, (Known as the ‘Bangkok Hilton’) awaiting extradition to the UK. I was Begging the Thai, UK & Canadian governments to expedite my extradition as I lived in fear for my life.

I Was Mentally & Physically Tortured, Beaten, Abused, my ankles were chained & shackled, I was Terrorized, I fought feet infections, skin infections, respiratory infections, cats urinating on me, rats crawling nearby my sleeping area, cockroaches on my face whilst trying to sleep..I lost 20Kgs/50Lbs due to Dysentery due to squalid conditions, & contaminated food and water. It was hell on earth.

But it didn’t kill me. I’m trying to convert the experience into “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” I slept on a concrete floor in a corridor with 175 prisoners with nothing but a sheet to sleep on. The lights were always on. Man you would not believe any of it without seeing it first hand. People killing each other for no real reasons. Over a  Mars Bar. Even the guards beat people to death with batons, five guards on one prisoner. Right in front of my eyes. Life is very cheap in prisons in Asia.

I left Bangkok a complete zombie. Psychosis the lot.

Then I spent 6 months inside UK prison, Case Closed! I could have got 6 years but the judge really wasn’t convinced of my guilt. He in fact openly reprimanded the police during my second trial for many issues where they messed up. Incriminate, Incriminate, incriminate. I no longer trust the police.

Friday night I Landed in the US & was picked up by my parents. I am now trying to manage the effects of PTSD which I never really understood until post Bangkok. Panic Attacks, Paranoia, fear, nausea, shattered nerves, poor concentration, bad feelings & bad thoughts that I don’t want to have nor do I understand why I’m having them.

I may write a book about it one day. I met and became personal friends with Viktor Bout, International Arms Dealer who was extradited Tuesday 16 Nov to the USA. The movie ‘Lord of War’ (Starring Nicolas Cage) was based on his life. So surreal to see him on the news whilst sitting in a doctor’s office for my diving medical recently amidst people who wouldn’t believe me if I told them that I was in Lard Yao Prison, ‘Bangkok Hilton’ with Viktor Bout. He is actually an amazing man speaks & writes in 6 languages including Arabic. Some say he’s ex-KGB but I know he was a pilot from the Russian AF. The Former Russian PM  even came to visit him in Bangkok.

Very strange when I landed in Phuket, Thailand  whilst still on the runway I knew 100% that I was about to be arrested. My intuition or perhaps God preparing me for what I was about to face.

My case in the UK is now being reviewed for an Appeal Against Conviction as new evidence has been brought forward. The police destroyed CCTV Video evidence which I begged 8 different police officers to preserve.

Right now I’m really just taking each hour at a time. I’m in a load of internal pain.

When I was in Bangkok Remand Prison I really embraced my grass roots faith and began reading the bible again. I ended up mentoring numerous troubled / disturbed / vulnerable prisoners in UK prison & that included drawing them into Christianity. I sort of just had loads of guys come to me like a father figure. They sat with me in my Cell & opened up, sometimes crying on my shoulder. I think the fact that I survived Thai prison perhaps made them gravitate towards me. I’m really trying to simply place all my anxiety and worries in God’s hands.

It looks like I may be joining a ship for offshore work in January from Mumbai, India. I just sent the docs / visa stuff back to them minutes ago. Contract & letter of invitation is to arrive this week.

I hope that this email finds you Happy & well. I also hope that I can see you somewhere, someday again. If I’m travelling back to the UK I’ll get in touch.

Happy Christmas to you & your family my friend.

Keep well & God Bless,

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