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Dive Centre Questions

More queries you may get to answer on a day to day basis once you are a dive instructor, this is included for you as a big chunk of your time is answering these types of questions to ensure that people emailing you are going to confident enough to come to your facility to learn to dive / go on a fun dive or take a dive course.

1, Can you please provide quote for technical diving. I wii require hire of stage bottles and regs. I would also like possibly to do a little cave diving and would need to hire reels. I have my own wing and regs but am unsure of whether to bring these. How much to hire please so I can compare to extra cost of extra weight on flights. I will be travelling alone.

2, Hi, I am looking for an SDI place to do my OW referral. I have completed my training and have my referral certificate. Is that something your shop does? If not can you recommend another SDI shop in phuket. Also can you do a 2day underwater videography for us.

3, I’m a certified rescue diver and looking for the course of dm or further more to be an instructor. May I know how much it cost and how long it takes? Any special rate for accommodation or shall I just rent a room outside of the resort? My ideal training time will be end of September. I’m seeking your advice

4, We are a group of six willing to go for night dive on 12th sept. We are beginners and have got no certification in scuba diving. Though we have done discover scuba diving once. Can we go for night dive? Thanks for your reply

5, I live in Australia and Malaysia and I am interested to dive sink holes in Trang. I plan to complete at least 15 x 30 minutes dives. I shall be bringing a friend along and she may want to take her first step to a be Cave diver. Any information on the Cave Diver course you offer is very much appreciated

6, Hi, I am coming on an extended vacation in Phuket and I am very interested in getting more tec diving experience. I am Divemaster and Tec 40. Intersted in going to Tec 50 or extended range + some cave diving or CCR. Please get back to me with more info.


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